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Set Powerful Intentions That Will Transform Your Life

If you think setting intentions is limited to yoga classes and meditation retreats, think again. These guiding principles are just as useful for relationships, business or anything else you do during your daily life. When you set intentions, you become empowered,...

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How to Host an Inspiring Silent Retreat at Home

Fancy a retreat? It’s not necessary to go to a fancy meditation or yoga retreat in the countryside if you want a few days of silence. It's really easy to create your own retreat at home and save yourself some time and money in the process. There are lots of great...

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Inspiring Silent Retreat

An Abundance Mindset is the Key to Success

How you view the world can affect the opportunities you see, your expectations, and ultimately your success. As an entrepreneur, you can choose to see the world as a place of abundance or a place of scarcity. One is certainly more optimistic than the other and is...

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Abundance Mindset

How to Meditate When You Feel Restless

Do you want to meditate, but have trouble focusing and sitting still? For many people, the most difficult part of meditation is finding a comfortable position; plus it can be really hard to meditate when your mind keeps wandering back to your 'to do' list and...

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Restless Meditation

17 Positive Affirmations To Help Reduce Anxiety

Have you ever felt powerless and anxious when faced with difficult life situations? Become powerful again and allow affirmations to give you inner strength, confidence and clarity. By repeating affirmations on a regular basis, you can reclaim your power and...

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Positive Affirmations

Can Using NLP Make You More Successful?

You may have heard people talk about Neuro Linguistic Programming, or as it more commonly referred to, NLP. NLP is an incredibly useful behavioral science that can help you change your life in many different ways. Maybe you want to increase your confidence, reduce...

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NLP Brain