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5 Ways to Enhance Your Money Journalling Practice

So, you've decided to start a money journal to improve your relationship with cash? You've made a great decision! Journalling is an incredibly powerful way to write your way to wealth. The question is, how can you really maximise the benefits of money journalling...

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Money Journalling

3 Ways Your Mind Can Help You Gain Personal Freedom

What is personal freedom and how can it help you to live a fulfilling, happy life? Personal freedom might sound a bit woo-woo, but many people get tied down by obligations or expectations and end up living a life they feel trapped by. This can be for many complex...

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Personal Freedom

EFT Tapping “Selling on Social Media Feels Icky”

A simple reframe with EFT tapping can help you feel more at ease with sharing your products or services on social media. The thought of having to sell on social media brings many business owners out in a cold sweat! But selling your stuff is pretty important if you...

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Selling on Social Media Feels Icky

How to Escape the Procrastination Trap (7 Steps)

Procrastination isn't always a bad thing...but it can be! Putting things off until later is sometimes essential in business, but only as long as the tasks you are putting on the back burner can be done later...without negative 'side-effects'. If you're prone to...

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5 Common EFT Tapping Mistakes (& How to Avoid Them)

If you're looking to get positive outcomes from Emotional Freedom Technique, you need to avoid making some common EFT Tapping mistakes. Whether you're a dedicated tapper, or a someone whose given it a go a few times, it's really important to be aware of these...

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EFT Tapping Mistakes

EFT Tapping for Fear of Success in Business (+ Video)

Fear of success might seem like a strange phenomenon but it's very real for the people who experience it. Business owners who fear success, either consciously or subconsciously, might find themselves avoiding taking the actions they need to grow their business, so...

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EFT for Fear of Success

3 Simple Ways to Embrace Compassion in Business

Being compassionate in business doesn't mean you are weak or flawed. Use your compassionate nature to your advantage and you'll discover that it's an amazing strength which will help you to be a calmer entrepreneur. What does success and business have to do with...

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Compassion in Business

How to Overcome Social Anxiety With Mindfulness

Social anxiety can be crippling for business owners. It prevents you from being able to speak in public, meet new people at networking events, or in some cases even leave your 'safe' home office at all. Social anxiety is one of the most common forms of anxiety...

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Mindfulness for Social Anxiety