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Your essential EFT Tapping toolbox, right at your fingertips whenever you need…

You’re just a few steps away from up-levelling your EFT know-how and being welcomed into a supportive tapping community

Do any of these sound familiar?

You’ve dabbled in tapping in the past but haven’t really been consistent…

You enjoy tapping but sometimes feel embarrassed to talk about it for fear of judgment or ridicule…

You want to improve your tapping skills but don’t know where to start…

You know there are some deep-held beliefs or blocks holding you back in your business…

You’ve had first-hand experience of burnout and are now looking to run your business in a much calmer way…

I hear you! A few years ago, I was recovering from burnout and felt ready to go ‘all in’ with EFT.

That’s what inspired me to create the Calmpreneur Tapping Club

So instead of the above, imagine instead…

Having everything you need to enhance your tapping experience right at your fingertips

Being part of a safe & supportive community which is free from judgment

Feeling more proficient with your EFT Tapping techniques

Feeling calm & in control, no matter what life throws at you

Having the opportunity to ask questions & request tapping topics

Overcoming limiting beliefs that may be holding you back in business

Be part of a community created specifically to support you along your EFT Journey

The Calmpreneur tapping club is all about calmness and balance.

Some online clubs can feel a bit overwhelming, so that’s why I’ve created the tapping club to be a community-focused membership. One that isn’t based on you spending hours working through content but instead, focused on community support and EFT content created in response to the needs of the group.

>> There are no compulsory videos you have to watch.
>> You’re not required to attend a minimum number of lives each month.
>> There is no pressure to keep up with others
>> You won’t be forced to make posts in the Facebook community…and no awkward tagging (apart from your new member welcome post)

But when you need it…the content is there for you and the community will support and encourage you every step of the way.

How EFT can help you 

  EFT can help you in all areas of your life and business

You can tap on anything; in fact, Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, is famous for saying “try it on everything.”

Maybe right now you’re struggling with overwhelm, stress or anxiety…

Maybe you have a fear of being visible in your business…

Maybe you get caught up in imposter syndrome and all the resulting self-doubt that comes with it…

These fears, doubts and stresses can really stop you in your tracks. As someone who has experienced all of this, I completely relate to how hard it is when you get stuck in those unhealthy patterns; you start having wobbles about whether you’re cut out for being in business, your confidence and self-esteem takes a bash, and you wonder how you’ll ever bounce back.

A lot of this stuff comes from childhood, traumatic life events or negative experiences which stay trapped in the body’s energy system; if you can start to clear some of these energetic blocks, imagine how different your life and business could look?

That’s why I am so passionate about bringing all the benefits of tapping to entrepreneurship – it’s the perfect match!

EFT is proven to…

Reduce stress & anxiety

Improve sleep

Increase productivity

Lower cortisol

Calm the reptilian brain (amygdala)

Relieve physical pain

A calmer way to be in business

Business doesn’t need to be stressful and chaotic, it should feel easy and calm.

This is what I now know to be true, but it wasn’t always this way. I used to struggle with chronic stress and anxiety…I thought I needed to be a carbon copy of other successful women in the online space…I was scared of looking unprofessional and weak if I admitted who I really was…in fact, I don’t think I even knew who I was!

So when I created Calmpreneur, I came up with my own definition of the word:

Calmpreneurs shine their light and don’t hide behind their logo and branding

Calmpreneurs listen to their body, and rest when they need to

Calmpreneurs do not subscribe to hustle and grind, preferring instead freedom and flow

Calmpreneurs don’t give a false image of themselves, they are transparent and authentic

Calmpreneurs aren’t traditional; they are spiritual and curious

EFT can help you feel confident enough to tear up the rulebook, create a life by design and truly step into your power.

Increase your confidence in business

Feel clear-headed & focussed

Be your true, authentic self in all areas of your life

Inspire others through your work

Enjoy more abundance & joy

Release all the things that have been holding you back

my eft story

When I first discovered tapping, I was sceptical but intrigued.

I decided to give EFT a go, figuring that at that point in my life, I really didn’t have anything to lose. My business was failing, I was in a lot of debt, my anxiety was through the roof and I felt so alone.

But not only that, I had a LOT of baggage…

Homelessness, depression, alcohol addiction, debt, childhood trauma, infertility, health problems…the list goes on. You can imagine how much negative energy I had stuck in my body! I had tried moreorless every healing modality I knew about at that time and some things did help a little, but then I’d go back to old negative patterns and the cycle would start again.

But when I started using EFT, something shifted. A light went on. It was a light of possibility and hope.

In the interests of transparency, it has taken me a long time to work through my own pain using the EFT personal peace procedure and I have had help from practioners and coaches (even coaches need coaches) to help me get to where I am now.

My life is not perfect…I am not 100% ‘fixed’.. but I am calmer, more confident and feel freer than ever before, all from tapping. And now…

I’m on a mission to bring EFT to people in business so that they can feel calm, confident and free too!

The Calmpreneur Tapping Club

Whether you are completely new to tapping or have some experience, I would love to welcome you into the tapping club

Here’s a reminder of some of the great support you’ll receive as a member of our tapping community:

>> Weekly live EFT Tapping session to help you reduce stress, release limiting beliefs, grow your confidence and feel calmer

>> Monthly zoom group ‘tap and plan’ session – this is not an ordinary planning session, it’s the most beautiful way to release the month gone by and welcome in the new month ahead. You’ll use a fab little handout to help you plan as you set your business and health goals. Includes a short meditation, EFT Tapping and visualization.

>> Monthly tapping Q&A with Suzannah to answer any questions you have about emotional freedom technique

>> Private Facebook Group community to ask questions, get support on your tapping journey and connect with other business owners from around the world

>> Plus, unlimited access to your online members portal where you’ll find EFT Tapping videos, guest expert sessions and masterclasses, handy PDF printables, tapping scripts, interviews, meditations and more!

Weekly Live EFT Tapping Sessions

A Private Facebook Group

Monthly Zoom 'Tap & Plan' Sessions

Community support & tips

Monthly Tapping Q&A With Suzannah

Unlimited Access to EFT Library

This is a very safe place and working with Suzannah personally through her EFT sessions has changed things for me in my personal life and as a business owner. I really do feel more at ease with myself and far less anxious and overwhelmed than I otherwise would have been.

Gayle MacDonald

Sobriety Coach

Calmpreneur really is an oasis of calm for those of us who are tired of the workaholic, hustle-driven entrepreneurial culture

Helen Lindop

CRM & Marketing Consultant


Q. Do I need to be running an established business to join?

Whether you are thinking of starting a business, are a new business owner or have been running a business for a few years, you are welcome in the club.

Q. Do I have to commit to attending lives etc?

No, this is a pressure-free members club. You are not expected to attend live events on Facebook and can access the content at times which suit you best. 

Q. How much time commitment is required?

You can choose how much or little time you put it and there is no pressure to commit to a certain number of hours per week. 

The content is here for you to access when you need it.

Q. I'm a practitioner, can I join?

Yes of course! Any type of business owner can join the tapping club, and that includes people who are running their own EFT practitioner business. Collaboration over competition is the best way to do business. 

Q. What types of businesses are in the tapping club?

You’ll be in good company! The range of expertise ranges from holistic therapists, coaches, virtual assistants, trainers and many more, from all locations around the world. Members are generally female, although men are welcome.

Q. Do I get 1:1 tapping sessions as part of membership?

Personal 1:1 sessions are not included in your membership fee. You can join in with the live tap along sessions and ask Suzannah questions, but if you require personal tapping sessions, these are a separate paid service.

Q. What if I need help, or have a question about EFT?

As part of membership, you get the opportunity to ask Suzannah, or a guest practitioner, questions on a Live Q&A in the Facebook community each month.

You can also ask questions in the Facebook group, or contact tech support which is accessible from your member dashboard when you join.

Q. Is all the content available straightaway or do I have to wait?

You get access to everything you see in the tapping club as soon as you join, so there’s no impatiently waiting for timed/drip fed content. 

Q. Will the cost of my membership increase?

As the library of content grows and the membership requires more external support, the prices will increase incrementally. However, you only ever pay the rate you joined at and your membership rate will not go up, even if prices increase. 

If you leave and want to re-join, you will lose your locked-in rate and will be required to re-join at the advertised cost.

Q. If I cancel, will I still have access to any of the content?

Once your membership has been cancelled, you will have access to the content and the Facebook group until the end of the payment period, after which time you will no longer be to login to view content or visit the Facebook community.

Q. What if I change my mind?

You can cancel at any time by heading to ‘My Account’ on your dashboard. It’s quick and easy to cancel and you won’t be subjected to the spanish inquisition!

The tapping club offers a 30-day money back guarantee too, so if you change your mind in the first month of being a member, get in touch for a full refund.