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The club is for business owners who would like to embrace the power of EFT. With our on-demand library of topics such as anxiety, mindset and abundance, you’ll find what you need, when you need it.

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Being Worthy & Deserving of Money
With Liz Almond from Insightful Minds. Heal your old money story and welcome more abundance into your life and ...
Float Away Stress
Guest narrator Tania Taylor. Escape from the stress of everyday life on this beautiful, calming meditation ...
Self-care Planner
Create a plan of all the things you can do to fill yourself up. When you're feeling stressed or anxious, it can ...
Freedom From Impostor Syndrome
Feel less like a fraud and more like the knowledgeable business owner that you are. Impostor syndrome is ...
Dealing with Time Vampires
Time is the most precious commodity you have, don’t let time vampires steal it from you. Do you feel in complete
Business Stress due to Lockdown
Many business owners are struggling with heightened stress caused by Covid-19 and lockdown/restrictions. It’s ...
Learn to Love Yourself on Video
With Helen Hamston & Kam-Mei Chak from Get Video Confident. Being visible in your business can feel scary, but ...
Monthly Habits Tracker
Use this printable tracker to tick off your healthy habits each day - be accountable and stay on track. It takes
Busy Mind Meditation
Calm your busy mind with this lovely meditation. When your head is full of things to do and general busyness, it
Weekly Tapping Planner
Plan your tapping goal, monitor your emotions and reflect on your EFT practice each day. Use this 7 day planner ...
Be the CEO of Your Own Energy Bank
With Naomie Ella from Motherhood Transitions. Use The 3x 'P' Energy Boosting Method and learn how to take control ...
Sleepy Bedtime Meditation
Relax into sleep with this bedtime meditation. This recording is best listened to just before sleep. Please do ...