Stress & Anxiety Support For Soulful Entrepreneurs

Hi, I'm Suzannah

Tenacious Tapper & Queen of Calm

I’m a potty-mouthed environmentalist who loves holistic health and all things woo-woo! 

Before I discovered EFT I was chronically stressed, struggling with anxiety and just felt like everything in life was against me. I was a ‘poor me’ kind of gal.

But then I heard about this thing called tapping. I thought “Hmmm, that looks weird” but given how shit my life felt, I figured I had nothing to lose…

Emotional Freedom Technique Rocked My World & It's the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Tapping is scientifically proven to reduce stress levels, relieve physical pain, improve sleep and increase overall feelings of happiness and well-being.

And yes, it’s given me all those things and more.

Anyone who has overcome challenges, healed from trauma, released limiting beliefs or recovered from anxiety knows that it’s the life-long healthy habits and commitment to self-love that keeps you feeling level-headed, calm and grounded.

Tapping for me isn’t just a thing I share with others, it’s a massive part of my daily life…

Impostor syndrome rearing its head…Tap.

Painful memories resurfacing…Tap.

Feeling scared of doing something new…Tap.

Getting emotionally triggered by social media…Tap.

You can tap on anything; in fact, Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, is famous for saying “try it on everything.”


The Perfect Match

I am so passionate about bringing all the benefits of tapping to entrepreneurship, it’s the perfect match.

Imagine if you could utilise this powerful tool to help you break through barriers, bust limiting beliefs, up-level your mindset and release old stories, all whilst feeling calm and grounded? That’s what I did and you can do it too!

My Story

Homelessness, anxiety, depression, alcohol addiction, debt, childhood trauma, infertility, health problems…the list goes on. Life has been a struggle for me at times, as it has for many people. If you’re here reading this, then I’m guessing you’ve had your fair share of life stuff happen too. Nobody is immune from the curveballs life throws at us.

The problem is, all this stuff doesn’t politely go away when you’re getting on with running your business! If only, eh? It shows up primarily as FEAR…

I can’t do this because I might fail

If they see me they’ll judge me

I’m going to get called out

I’m out of my depth

I don’t deserve this

I’m not qualified enough / good enough / pretty enough / slim enough 

I thought and lived all these things for YEARS believing that….if only I had more faith in the Law of Attraction…if only I listened to all the people who told me I just needed to think more positively…if only I worked harder…THEN I would be happy and successful.


What I really needed was to heal myself.

Look, if you cover a wall that’s crumbling and damaged with fancy wallpaper, it might appear to be fixed, but the wall is still there needing attention…and no amount of fancy wallpaper is going to fix it.

That’s kinda how it felt when I was trying to install pseudo positivity and chanting my Law of Attraction mantras…I needed to heal, nurture and love myself before I had any chance of moving forward. I had to get to the CORE of myself and work my way out.

And after all my difficult life events, you can imagine how much negative energy I had stuck in my body!

When I started using EFT, something shifted. A light went on and the heaviness of trauma lifted a little…I actually felt lighter. It was the start of an amazing journey of healing and self-discovery.

I realised I could be that woman who I used to look at in complete awe; standing strong in my power, feeling happy and fulfilled, being in complete alignment with my desires, dealing with stress in a calm, confident way and feeling wildly abundant in all areas of my life.

Knowing just how powerful tapping is, how simple it is to use as a self-help tool….and it’s something anyone can do themselves, for free, I knew I had to train as a practitioner and share this amazing technique with as many people as possible.

I now work with women in business who are ready to peel off their fancy wallpaper, do some deep, messy healing and come out the other side embodying their newly discovered true-self, an unwavering faith in themselves and a sense of determination that can’t be shaken.

You can be that woman too! You already ARE that woman; you just need a little help to rediscover her.

Street Cred

★ Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping Practitioner Diploma ★ Advanced EFT Meridian Energy Tapping Techniques
★ Accredited EFT Tapping Facilitator and Coaching Training ★ Life Purpose Coaching Diploma
★ Joe Vitale Approved Belief Clearing Practitioner ★ Natural Mindfulness Forest Therapy Guide
★ Mental Health First Aider (MHFA England)  ★ Trauma & the Body – Somatisation and Disassociation ★ Trauma, the Brain & Recovery ★ NVQ4 Adult Teaching & Learning ★ NVQ3 in Advice & Guidance ★ Psychology A-Level (Adult Education)
★  Outset Business Startup training ★ Mindfulness for Anxiety & Sleep with Tara Brach ★ Understanding Self-harm (Mind) 

…Life experience – priceless!

I have full professional indemnity insurance.
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