Your inspiring journey

The world needs to hear your story.

Do you have a story which will inspire others? I like to call it ‘Calmspiration’!

I love sharing stories from business owners who have overcome adversity because I know how important they are.

Someone in the world right now is where you were at your lowest point; imagine the impact that reading your story would have?

Maybe you…

Started a business after a major life event

Sometimes something happens in our lives which just makes us re-evaluate EVERYTHING. Was a major life event the catalyst for you making big changes and starting your own business?

Struggle(d) with your physical or mental health

Physical and mental health problems are very common and most of us will experience them at some point in our lives. Did this make you want to start a business so you could have complete flexibility and/or help others?

Have overcome complex trauma or PTSD

Traumatic live events can take many years to heal from. Sometimes healing ourselves makes us feel passionate about helping others to heal. Did you recover from trauma and now help others do the same?

Yes? Then read on for more information on how you can inspire other entrepreneurs.

How to share your story on Calmpreneur

It’s really easy to share your story. It’s completely free to submit it and we welcome stories from male and female entrepreneurs.

Follow the simple steps below:

Copy and paste the questions below to a Word document
Please answer the questions in as much detail as possible, or if you prefer, feel free to get creative – think of your personal journey from chaos to calm…the transformation you went through. This will help others relate to your story.
Send us your completed story via email
Please send your story via email, along with a short bio, website link and photograph(s). The main story picture MUST be a photo of you. We can add your logo and any other images within the post.
Include a free gift or offering
If you have something you would like to share exclusively with our audience, please include details.

We will reply within 48 hours to let you know the date your story will go live on the website.

Your story will be shared to our social media networks as soon as it goes live AND on an ongoing basis, so you get maximum exposure. In return for this exposure, you will be expected to share your story on your own social media networks and/or email marketing list.

By sharing your story, you consent to our use of your text and images (with credit, or link back to your story) on our marketing materials.


Calmspiration Story Questions

Intro and background/life story
Describe any personal struggles and challenges you have overcome, your work history/experience
Your business “Why”
Explain why you decided to go into business, how your life and employment experiences helped you, why you want to make a difference
What’s important to you?
Describe your ethics and values
What’s been the lowest point in your life or business journey?
How did you feel, did others around you help you, what was the outcome, what did you learn from the experience?
If your business hadn’t worked out, what would you have done?
Describe any business failures, back up plans etc.
What’s been your most amazing moment in your life or business journey so far?
What did that moment mean to you, did it change your future path?
• Describe how your life and business looks now
Share your successes so far, plans for the future etc.
How do you cope with stress and overwhelm?
Describe how you prioritise mind wellness: daily habits, self-care, support networks etc.
• What would you say makes a ‘Calmpreneur’?
What qualities do you have which help you stay calm when faced with adversity?
• What advice would you pass onto other entrepreneurs who are struggling with stress and overwhelm?
Give a few practical tips of what’s helped you/your clients
• What marketing, growth or social media tips would you give to other business owners?
Share at least 3 useful tips – these can be general tips, or niche tips for your industry

Please feel free to include anything else you want to say about keeping mentally and physically healthy.

We look forward to sharing your story soon.

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