Feedback and testimonials

The Calmpreneur Community along with EFT Tapping has the power to transform your life and business…
but don’t just take my word for it! Here are some lovely words from my followers, clients and community.

“ I took the opportunity to try out a remote EFT session (distance healing). Suzannah checked in on me before and after the session, and was careful to check that I was OK. I’ve been struggling with big changes in my life and enjoyed the opportunity to sit calmly and quietly. I found that it helped me to release some of my feelings and feel that Suzannah has really helped and supported me through the process. Thank you for the opportunity”


EFT Tapping Client

“It’s so reassuring to find a valuable, business-focused group that doesn’t pressurise, and also gives practical advice for stress-heads like me!”

Jaime Cox

Software Trainer

“I feel like part of a positive, inspiring community with so much support and tools for personal growth. I’m happy to feel I can be here safely”

Helen Bawden

Virtual Assistant, Community Member

“Calmpreneur is like an oasis for me. It’s a place where I can be around other people who understand the stress of being an entrepreneur”

Donna Stewart

Graphic Design, Community Member

“Calmpreneur really is an oasis of calm for those of us who are tired of the workaholic, hustle-driven entrepreneurial culture”

Helen Lindop

Software Trainer

“I am working with Suzannah at the moment and I have to say I am amazed and blown away by the changes I am experiencing”
Gayle Macdonald

Sobriety Coach

“I love Suzannah Butcher. She has really helped me to start to change my inner voice this year, step out of the shadows and let go of some pretty traumatic stuff. It really is amazing what comes up in a session. I highly recommend it. It starts working straight away”

Sarah Manners

Temple Spa

“Working with Suzannah personally through her EFT sessions has changed things in my personal life and as a business owner. I really do feel more at ease with myself and far less anxious and overwhelmed than I would’ve been”

Gayle Macdonald

Sobriety Coach

“Suzannah helped me overcome low self-confidence, particularly at a time when I was going through a painful break up. She helped me piece things together in a comforting way. I felt like a weight had been lifted and I came away from our session knowing exactly what I needed to do”

Lisa Ferris

Virtual Assistant

“I’ve seen your posts around the tapping technique. I’ve been a little stressed lately and have started to get pain in my right hand side of my stomach. I’ve been doing the tapping and amazingly it appears to be working. I’m going to keep doing this but I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for posting”


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