Calmpreneur Toolkit: Crucial Tech for {Calm} Business Growth

Technology is essential for business growth and success; it’s time to embrace the tools which will make your life as an entrepreneur much easier…and calmer!

Although there may be some set up time, the benefits of automation will more than outweigh the learning curve and you’ll realise just how much tools can help you catapult your business growth.

Get tech working for you and spend more time looking at your business from the outside, rather than being caught up in day-to-day stuff. I guarantee you’ll feel much calmer once you implement some simple automations.

Here are my personally recommended business tech and tools which help me to reduce stress and run a calmer biz:

SocialBee – Social Media on Autopilot


The official blurb: SocialBee offers All-in-One Tools and Services for Content Posting & Recycling, Follower Growth, Engagement, and More. We help you save time and get better results on social.

I use SocialBee for…Scheduling all my social media posts. I particularly love adding evergreen content for the Calmpreneur Facebook group schedule. I’ve also linked up relevant RSS from niche websites, so my content stays fresh and interesting. SocialBee saves me a LOT of time.

How much moolah? From $19 per month.

Learn more about SocialBee

MemberVault – Create a Binge & Buy Marketplace for your business


The official Blurb: Sell more, pitch less with a binge & buy marketplace for your business. Showcase all of your available paid offers (memberships, courses, 1:1 services, etc) and your best free content in a Subscriber Hub.

I use MemberVault for…All my free downloads in the Calmpreneur Hive, content, courses, training videos and membership. You can even link it with your email provider and create tags to really up-level your automations. I’ve created memberships and courses on my website in the past using software/multiple plugins and MemberVault has saved me a whole heap of tech stress – no plugin conflicts and worries about site speed. If you’re creating any kind of free or paid online content, MV is a must because it’s so quick and easy to set up. Read my full review here.

How much moolah? It’s free for your first 50 users!

Learn more about MemberVault

ActiveCampaign – Email Marketing


The official blurb: Integrated email marketing, marketing automation, and small business CRM. Save time while growing your business with sales automation.

I use ActiveCampaign for…All my email marketing. I send welcome automations and broadcasts to my list of members and subscribers. I also use it to create embedable forms and sales pages.

How much moolah? Free trial. Then from $9 per month.

Learn more about ActiveCampaign

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IFTTT – If This Then That – helps your apps & devices work together


The official blurb: IFTTT is changing the way people interact with technology by helping them get the most out of their favorite products and services.

I use IFTTT for…Sending all my instagram posts to Pinterest and Twitter but there is a LOT more you can do with it!

How much moolah? Free!

Learn more about IFTTT

Book Like a Boss – More bookings = more money


The official blurb: Take your business to the next level with the all-in-one booking platform that saves you time & makes you money.

I use Book Like a Boss (BLAB) for…My online booking system for my free mental health chats, EFT sessions, podcast interviews and more (there are some hidden options for custom appointments). Check it out at It’s so handy that it syncs up with my Google calendar too.

How much moolah? Free to get started for 14 days with no credit card details required.

Learn more about BLAB

ThriveCart – Online checkout, sales funnels & affiliate campaigns


The official blurb: Online checkout, sales funnels & affiliate campaigns. Get ready to boost your revenue with high converting cart pages, one click sales funnels, affiliate campaigns and track your entire business with ease.

I use ThriveCart for…Affiliate payments and tracking for one-off courses and memberships. My husband also uses it for payments in his business Inspo Media and has a limited number of licenses available for clients.

How much moolah? There’s a limited number of lifetime licenses available for $495…but they’ve been saying that a LONG time!

Learn more about ThriveCart

Clicky – Web Analytics in Real Time


The official Blurb: Clicky Web Analytics is simply the best way to monitor, analyze, and react to your blog or web site’s traffic in real time.

I use Clicky for…Monitoring web stats. I never really got on with Google analytics and I’m so glad I found Clicky. The stats are much easier to understand and the reporting is great. I particularly love the ‘spy’ feature where you can see what your visitors are up to in real time.

How much moolah? Free up to 3k page views.

Learn more about Clicky

Screencast-O-Matic – Screen Recorder & Video Editor


The official blurb: Screencast-O-Matic is a screen capture and video editing platform, offering easy-to-use, accessible tools that empower people to create and share ideas.

I use Screencast-O-Matic for…Recording all my training videos. I generally use PowerPoint slides which I record over; sometimes I have my face in the corner, sometimes not! It’s great to video editing too. Here’s a bloopers video I put together from my sweary outakes (don’t watch if easily offended). I need tech which is relatively simple to use and Screencast ticks all the boxes.

How much moolah? Free plan available for videos less than 15 minutes.

Learn more about Screencast-O-Matic

Best Self Journal – Productivity Planner


The official blurb: The daily structure for success! Morning & nightly gratitude, today’s targets & goals, a 6am-9pm daily schedule, and plenty of space for notes.

I use Best Self Journal for…Not technically an online tool, but I’m an old fashioned planner girl! I use my BSJ for my 3 month projects, such as course launches, marketing goals, book writing and personal development goals. Writing stuff down just works really well for me. Not only does the BSJ help me with business stuff but also with my mental well-being as I complete the gratitude daily, set my intentions and review my day. Check out the website for lots of great free productivity tips too.

Read my full review + vlog.

How much moolah? $37.99

Learn more about Best Self Journal

AppSumo – The best software deals at a price you can afford


The official blurb: You’re never paying full price for software again. We’ll send you the hottest deals straight to your inbox so you’re always in on the best-kept software secrets.

I use AppSumo for…Getting deals, of course! I purchased SocialBee, GetStencil and PromoRepublic from AppSumo, to name just a few. Please purchase with caution, especially if you have Shiny Object Syndrome.

How much moolah? Some are free! The general rate is $29, $39 or $49

Learn more about AppSumo

Give some of these amazing tools a go and I promise you’ll never look back. I’ll add to this list as I discover more tools, so pop back soon.


Transparency: Some of the links are referral links, which means if you decide to purchase or upgrade, I will get a small commission.

Have you got a tech tool to recommend? Comment below!


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