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Emotional Freedom Technique can help you install new beliefs about money and it all starts with cultivating an abundance mindset.

Hands up if you’ve experienced income blocks, overspending, pricing stresses, feeling awkward about chasing up unpaid invoices…or feeling awkward about money conversations period? You are not alone my friend; most entrepreneurs have struggled with their money mindset at some point along their business journey.

Tapping away money-blocks

Tapping can really help you to work through some of those blocks and identify where your deep-seated beliefs about money come from, in fact I’ve created a free Money Breakthrough Guide to help you get started working on your money mindset and recommend you work 1:1 with an EFT Practitioner if you feel like your money wounds need some special attention and healing.

Today though, I’m sharing a simple tapping script to help you tune into abundance, because when you’re experiencing money ‘stuff’ in your business, it can feel like money is scarce or lacking, when in fact the opposite is true. So, let’s get tapping on that abundance mindset!

Before you tap…

  • Find yourself a nice calm space to tap in and make yourself comfortable
  • Tapping can make you feel dehydrated, so ensure you have a glass of water nearby
  • I always find it helpful to have a notepad and pen besides me in case anything comes up that I want to tap on later – you may even find tapping sparks a new business idea or provides some creative inspiration!
  • Ask yourself “How abundant do I feel right now?” and rate it on a scale of 1-10
    (10 being extremely abundant and 0 being not at all abundant)
  • Take three deep calming breaths before you start
  • Tap around 7 times on each point s-l-o-w-l-y, remembering to breathe!
  • If you would prefer to tap-along with me, I’ve recorded a video of this exact script, head to my free money mindset guide which includes 3 powerful tapping videos

By using this tapping script, you agree to take full responsibility for your own health and well-being.

The set-up phrases

Repeat these phrases whilst tapping on the karate chop point. You can say them out loud or in your mind.

Even though I’ve sometimes got caught up in lack and scarcity, I choose to be at peace with my past

Even though my world has sometimes felt anything but abundant, from today I choose to expand my world and notice abundance

Even though I’ve felt like there isn’t enough…that I’m not enough, I choose to deeply and completely love, honour and accept myself

Round 1

Tap through the points slowly as you repeat the following:

Eyebrow: Today I am allowing abundance
Side of eye: And that starts with noticing…with awareness
Under eye: Reminding myself that an abundant world
Under nose: Feels like an overflowing fullness
Chin: And remembering there is always enough
Collarbone: Enough money, enough love, enough of everything
Under arm: Because the universe is abundant
Top of head: And the universe wants abundance for me, and for everyone

Pause and take a couple of deep breaths before continuing to the next round…

Round 2

Eyebrow: How can I notice abundance in my life today?
Side of eye: What abundance have I overlooked?
Under eye: Maybe I could notice abundance in lots of ways
Under nose: As I step forward with abundance on my mind
Chin: Stepping forward into a new truth
Collarbone: That I am worthy and deserving of abundance
Under arm: And that I am always open to and aware of abundance
Top of head: Noticing abundance in the world around me

Round 3

Eyebrow: Seeing the abundance of things that are too limitless to count
Side of eye: The grains of sand on a beach
Under eye: The blades of grass in the countryside
Under nose: The stars in the sky
Chin: The leaves on the trees
Collarbone: The water that flows in the sea…in streams and rivers
Under arm: The trillions of cells in my own body
Top of head: I am an embodiment of abundance

Round 4

Eyebrow: The more abundant I feel, the more abundance I’ll see
Side of eye: Because abundance is an inside job
Under eye: It’s not about what I have or want – It’s about how I AM
Under nose: And abundance can flow from me, to me and through me
Chin: There is a universe inside of me
Collarbone: There is always enough
Under arm: I am always enough
Top of head: I bask in abundance and enoughness

Round 5

Eyebrow: I feel so thankful for the abundance in the world
Side of eye: And I choose to notice that abundance every day of my life
Under eye: As I receive, I give…and as I give, I receive
Under nose: And I thank the universe for the abundance I see
Chin: With a subtle nod of the head, a whispered thank you, a written note or a special gesture
Collarbone: I replace fear with love
Under arm: And I stand confident in knowing there is always enough
Top of head: Feeling the overflowing fullness of abundance with my mind, body and spirit

Pause for a moment to appreciate the tapping and feel gratitude for this time you’ve given to yourself. When you’re ready, ask yourself again “How abundant do I feel right now?” and rate it on a scale of 1-10 (10 being extremely abundant and 0 being not at all abundant).

Carry on with your day and see what abundance you notice in the world around you.

Let me know how much your score changed in the comments – I always love hearing about the power of tapping!

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    Thank you,

    I would love the script for this tapping please.


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