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Why Being Yourself on LinkedIn Is the Stress-Free Way to Go

Jennifer Corcoran

Are you getting mixed results with your LinkedIn strategy…if you’ve even got one? Maybe it’s time to start being more ‘you’ and growing your LinkedIn account in a calmer, more authentic way.

I love LinkedIn.  There I said it. Sure, it’s not the sexiest of online platforms but for me it’s the one that generates the most leads and the one where I feel most at home.

Don’t get me wrong Facebook Groups and Twitter Hours are still a fantastic place to hang out and network but LinkedIn is a platform built solely for business. If you think that LinkedIn is a dead or boring platform used by men in grey suits and ‘for corporate’ only, you’re seriously mistaken.  LinkedIn is a social networking platform for business owners, creatives, entrepreneurs and professionals.

LinkedIn generates the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74% so if you are not fully optimising this platform you are really missing out.  To quote my LinkedIn heroine Melonie Dodaro:

“Having a LinkedIn profile is no longer enough, especially if no one is seeing it. Or worse, people are seeing your profile but it does a poor job of representing you and what you do.”  

I find that a lot of people overthink LinkedIn and feel intimidated as they think that it’s all about the home feed – but it’s not. 

There are 3 ways to network on LinkedIn:

  1. Via the Home Feed to stay top of mind and give value to your network
  2. Via LinkedIn Messenger which is completely private behind the scenes
  3. Via LinkedIn Groups – again you can post directly in the groups or simply reach out and connect with fellow group members and send private messages

There is something for everyone and I personally do a mix of all 3 methods.

The key to using LinkedIn is to be yourself – when you are overthinking it or trying to emulate someone with your profile or on the home feed it’s never going to work and it’s going to feel like work.  It shouldn’t feel like work when you are simply being authentic and being true to your values.

Still not convinced?

4 Reasons Why I Recommend LinkedIn to My Clients:

  1. 1 out of every 3 professionals in the world is on LinkedIn.
  2. People on LinkedIn are in a business mindset.  They have the money to invest in your product or services.
  3. LinkedIn is the #1 channel to distribute content and is the most effective social media platform for B2B lead generation.
  4. Your competitors have understood that your audience is on LinkedIn and are getting clients on this professional platform every day.

The Benefits of Using LinkedIn (what’s not to love):

  • A rich database / CRM
  • Networking Tool
  • Personal Brand
  • Endorsements and Recommendations
  • Establish yourself as an expert
  • Let potential clients find you

4 Ways to Make an Impact on LinkedIn:

  1. Attention
  2. Interest
  3. Desire
  4. Action

The copywriting principle of AIDA apply to all social media and blogging.  You need to be optimised to be found by the search engine on LinkedIn and you need keywords AND They need to be right keywords.

You need to build a connection, understand your client and their pain points.  You need to demonstrate to them that you can help and that you are the expert who can LEAD them.

LinkedIn is very much a ‘show and tell’ platform. You need to get tooting that horn! 

I like to think of LinkedIn as my personal career website and my summary is essentially my home page telling my ‘unique story.’  Let’s face it whether you are B2B or B2C we’re currently living in a P2P (People to People) society where people buy you and your ‘why’ relating to your product or service offering.

Do you feel lost when it comes to your summary? Don’t get stressed, here are some tips to help you:

7 Step LinkedIn Summary Blue Print:

  1. What I do
  2. Who I work with
  3. Why it works
  4. What makes me (us) different
  5. What others say
  6. How it works
  7. Ready to talk?

Your LinkedIn profile Needs to:

  • Talk to your audience
  • Talk about the present
  • Contain your keywords
  • Look like a mini website
  • Be a cutting-edge sales tool

In short….Profile > Network > Value > Lead Generation

OK so I’ve convinced you to give LinkedIn a chance or perhaps you’ve been on it a while but don’t know how to measure your LinkedIn Efforts?

SSI Score (Social Selling Index):

It’s amazing how many people I meet who have no idea how to measure their LinkedIn analytics. 

Do you know what your SSI score is?  Your Social Selling Index (SSI) measures how effective you are at establishing your professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights, and building relationships. It is updated daily and ranks according to industry and network.

Click on this link to discover yours:

So that’s it folks… hopefully I’ve given you a small insight as to what you need to achieve LinkedIn success and why I love this platform. It’s completely possible to utilise LinkedIn for your business, without stress.

Did you learn anything new today?  Does LinkedIn seem a little less scary?

Why not check your SSI score, do some tweaks and then see the score rise! 

I would love to hear from you, or better still reach out to me on LinkedIn and connect.  You can also join my LinkedIn Group ‘My Super Connector’ where I share top tips and updates.


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Jennifer Corcoran helps entrepreneurs and professionals to polish their LinkedIn profile and connect with finesse in order to achieve both business and career success.

Jennifer’s mission is to help others to find their voice on LinkedIn.

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