Happiness and well-being are probably not two words that spring to mind when you think about business networking for your small biz, but as freelancers and homeworkers, they are paramount. 

Our own personal happiness should be a core ethos in everything we do but it never is.  It probably doesn’t surprise you that happy people are more productive, creative, better at problem-solving and more effective decision makers.  Being around other like-minded people and doing fun things that make us happy are clearly good for us, but how can networking make us happy?

Positive vibes; Your vibe attracts Your tribe. This isn’t just an Instagram hashtag, it’s real life.  It’s a common myth that success makes you happy, however, it is actually the other way round. Being happy brings more enjoyment and successes into your life.

“Happiness leads to greater profits”

Shawn Achor

You may think that happiness and success go hand-in-hand because success causes happiness, but it’s not true. Happy people not only work better, but they also make you feel better and happier yourself.  Have you noticed that before? When you spend time with someone who makes you feel happy, positive and enthused, you want to repeat that transaction again and again. Why is that? Because the positive feelings you generate by being friendly to one person extend beyond the actual interaction. 

4 Benefits of Being Happy:

  1. Improved Health:  This, in turn, leads to fewer sick days.  When you are self-employed sick days are usually a luxury we can ill afford (pun intended!). Who knew just being happy has so many health benefits. For example, happier people eat more fruit and vegetables, exercise regularly and sleep better being happier leads to healthier lifestyle choices. 
  2. Develop Resilience:  Resilience looks at the ability to bounce back from setbacks and overcome them. We, humans, are set on a negative default which makes it incredibly easy to get caught up on what went wrong, how we failed and letting these feelings bring us down. Resilience enables us to instead work things out encouraging us to turn failures into learning experiences and making a win from a setback. Being happy means you feel less conflict and negativity making you more willing to look for win-win outcomes from even bad situations.
  3. Better Quality Relationships:  These are relationships both at work and socially.
  4. Better Performance: Increased mental well-being leads to better performance, increased productivity and sales. This factor to me seems key in making sure we are happy.

Networking is an opportunity to interact with real-life actual human people. Engaging in physical interactions, talking to people not typing, somewhere to vent, tackle issues or just have a coffee. As we start to value more our mental well-being and let’s face it working from home is incredibly lonely, more networking groups are arising which tackle these issues.

Burnout, stress and self-sabotaging are commonplace among entrepreneurs, but having an array of like-minded people to check a piece of work, bounce ideas off, or collaborate with is enormously reassuring and great for a feeling of togetherness and fellowship. If you’re feeling nervous or have social anxiety/awkwardness, most probably there are others in the room who are feeling the same; those uncomfortable feelings will pass.

When there are so many health and well-being benefits to networking, it seems counterproductive that it is so far down on people’s to-do list of small business priorities, so start today and reap the benefits that networking can bring.

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Meet the Writer ~ Joanne Dewberry

Joanne, Author, Sage Business Expert and multi award-winning, 30 something coffee lover lives in rural Dorset with her long-suffering partner and three children. When she isn’t writing or networking she is partial to a bag of crisps and a crime drama.


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