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3 Simple Ways to Embrace Compassion in Business

Compassion in Business

Being compassionate in business doesn’t mean you are weak or flawed. Use your compassionate nature to your advantage and you’ll discover that it’s an amazing strength which will help you to be a calmer entrepreneur.

What does success and business have to do with being a compassionate person? Surprisingly, quite a lot. When you think of someone who is compassionate, do you associate it with someone who is soft or weak? This is an unfortunate view and completely incorrect. More and more business owners are realising that the way to true success is to practice kindness and compassion; not through belligerence and self-centeredness, as has been portrayed in the past.

Compassionate people have an amazing superpower – they know how to use compassion in business as a strength and not a weakness.

Here are 3 ways to embrace compassion in your life as an entrepreneur:

1. Don’t take things personally

People who emulate compassion both to themselves and for others, have learned the art of not taking things personally. This can be a challenge to overcome, especially when your self-esteem is tied up in your business – never a good thing!

When a mistake happens, that is simply a fact – a mistake happened. Try not not focus on how much of a failure you are, or how attacked you feel.

By all means you can use any mistakes, failures, unsubscribes or unfollows as a lesson; be curious about what happened and take opportunities for growth/change from it, but don’t internalize it as being about you. This allows you to be more objective and move on quickly.

2. Remember your ‘bouncebackability’ and keep moving forward

Since compassionate people practice self-compassion as well as compassion for others, they can move forward quickly. They do not make the problem, mistake, or situation about them.

You know you’ve got this sussed when you find yourself ruminating, worrying, and talking about problems less and less. Bumps in the road occur, but you are able to deal with them calmly. There is more of a focus on moving forward and coming up with creative solutions to overcome any problems.

This ties in with not taking everything in your business personally. If another person is involved in some way because they unsubscribed, spotted a mistake or unfollowed you, your compassionate self knows that everyone is doing the best they can and you never really know what is going on in someone else’s life.

The last thing you want is to get caught up in fear and drama, as this will stop you in your tracks and hinder your progress.

3. Come up with creative solutions to problems and challenges

Rather than ruminating, compassionate people come up with creative solutions to difficult problems. Compassionate people can feel into what it is like for someone else to experience pain, almost as if they were the ones experiencing it themselves (empath). This offers them an amazing vantage point to problem solving.

This empathetic quality has many benefits:

  • You can empathize with others and are better able to problem solve
  • In business, you can feel their client’s pain points, communicate with empathy, and help them find creative solutions
  • In social situations, you invite others to be vulnerable due to your trustworthiness and empathic qualities
  • You listen actively to what people are saying and intuitively know what they are not saying through your attuned empath nature

Compassion is your superpower!

Whenever you’re feeling down, just remember what an amazing superpower compassion is. Here are a few reminders…

  • You have an uncanny sense about other people
  • Clients and customers feel safe and comfortable in your company
  • You can feel, see, and hear what others are experiencing
  • People respect and trust you
  • You can draw people who need your gifts, skills, and talents near to you
  • You are resilient and able to overcome any obstacle in front of you

The personality trait of being compassionate is not one of weakness. It is one of personal strength. Maintaining a balance between compassion and having strong boundaries is a winning combination. Plus, just knowing that along with a calm collective of other heart-centered business owners, you are making a big impact on the world!

Compassion in Business

Where in your life and business can you find ways to be more compassionate to yourself and others? Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts…

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