Fearful to Fearless: 5 Easy Steps to Success

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Is fear stopping you from achieving the success you desire?

There’s no doubt about it, being an entrepreneur can be scary at times, but in order to grow as an individual, improve yourself and gain success, you must be willing to expand your skills through learning and experiences. This means that you cannot be afraid to challenge yourself, take reasonable risks, and step outside of your comfort zone.

If you are fearful, you will not reach the success you are capable of achieving.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common business fears and provide solutions and suggestions to help you move from fearful to fearless.

Comfort zones are comfortable…

Many entrepreneurs are fearful and hesitant to step outside of their comfort zones, preferring to do things that they are familiar with. After all, your comfort zone is a safe, low risk place. It’s called ‘comfort’ zone for a reason!

Fear is a basic human emotion, and in some cases is absolutely necessary. But when you’re trying to run a business, it can be a right pain in the backside.

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So, why do people stay stuck in their comfort zones, feeling too fearful to move forward?

Common business fears:

  • Not doing well
  • Failing
  • Embarrassment
  • Not being qualified/experienced enough
  • Being ridiculed or talked about

comfort-zone-inner-blog-post-image-7711893Fearing taking on new challenges or activities for any of the reasons above stops you from achieving the greatness you are capable of.

On the plus side, if you stay in your comfort zone, you’ll continue to excel and be productive (and feel very comfortable) in the skills you know, but you won’t expand your skills to grow both individually and professionally.

In other words, fear will stop you from achieving your goals and desires.

Are you ready to become fearless? 

Here are some questions to ask yourself which will help you determine if you’re ready to stop letting fear hold you back:

  • If you carry on doing the same things in your business you know you can do well, will that fulfill you?
  • Will you truly be happy staying where you currently are?
  • Can you achieve your full potential doing only things you know you can do well?
  • Will you feel a sense of pride at your achievements if you carry on doing the same things week in week out?
  • Is the success you desire likely to be available to you if you stay where you are?

The answer to most of these questions will probably be “no”.

Unfortunately, you’ll never know your real self and meet your truest, highest potential if you don’t try new activities that expand your skills and help you to grow as an individual.  Therefore, shying away from new activities out of fear, embarrassment, and/or ridicule is the greatest mistake you can make and the biggest obstacle to you reaching your fullest potential in life and business.

Fearful to Fearless – 5 Easy Steps

By being willing to overcome fear and challenging yourself with new tasks and situations that get you out of your comfort zone, you can grow as an individual and be able to achieve the success you know in your heart you’re capable of.

Here are 5 steps to help you reach your fullest, BRAVEST potential…

  1. Be aware of your fearful thoughts and feelings. The first step to change is awareness. How often throughout your working day do you feel worried and fearful? What kind of thoughts go through your head? How does your body feel? Start journaling about your journey from fearful to fearless and do something which is out of your comfort zone every day, no matter how insignificant it might seem.
  2. Don’t be afraid to take risks. You might be someone who procrastinates and analyzes every single risk, no matter how small? If so, consider using your intuition more frequently, after all, every situation will have it’s downsides and risks. What feels right? Rather than thinking about the”what if?” as a negative and looking at all the worst things that might happen, think about all the “what if” GOOD things that might happen. You’ll find that by taking risks, you’ll gradually become more fearless.
  3. Be mindful of what’s going on in your head. If you keep telling yourself that [insert your biggest fear here] is scary, guess what? It’s going to stay scary! Use affirmations and intentions to keep a positive ‘can do’ mindset. Surround yourself with inspiration and things that remind you to stay focused on being positive and fearless, such as quote postcards, a vision board, crystals, books etc.
  4. Be passionate about what you do and SHOW it. As entrepreneurs, it’s a given that we love what we do, at least most of the time. It’s time to share that passion with the world. Be brave and start showing up more often in your business, whether that be going live on Facebook or sharing more behind the scenes photographs of you and your business. As you practice showing up more frequently, you’ll become braver.
  5. Be mindful of the company you keep. If you’re spending a lot of your time with people who live in fear, or who moan, or see the glass as half-empty, it will rub off on you. Spend more time with positive people who encourage and support you. Find groups on Facebook where you can network with other entrepreneurs who raise you up, rather than put you down. Encouragement and love will help you to take those first, fearless steps towards success. Plus, if  you see others doing that thing you’re too afraid to do, it will inspire you to do it too.

You may think you are protecting yourself from fear, embarrassment, and ridicule by avoiding scary things whenever possible, but in truth, you are just hiding behind the usual tasks you know you can do well because it’s safe and comfortable.

Remember, virtually every successful entrepreneur has had to get out of their comfort zone to find out what they truly excel at and make their lives meaningful and great.

How are you going to be more fearless today? Comment below and let us know.


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