Improving Health Naturally With Medical Herbalist Pamela

Pamela had a career in film & TV but after a few years realised how working in such a fast-paced industry was starting to take its toll. Forced to discover more natural ways to stay healthy, Pamela started to explore herbal medicine, before eventually returning to University to study as a medical herbalist.

Once qualified, Pamela started her own business and now works as a herbalist, writer and educator. Here’s Pamela’s story…

My Career Journey

I started my career in film and television production which is a very fast-paced, high-velocity lifestyle!

I realised after some years that it just wasn’t possible to keep going at that pace forever and that many people in the business a few years older than me were burning out, or had problems managing to have a family alongside their career (particularly the women). We never had time to go to see a doctor so we were always researching natural methods of helping ourselves and I got really interested in it. Folk used to come to my desk to see if I had this remedy or that.

Eventually, I was inspired to give up my hard-won career, go back to university and to train to be a medical herbalist. If I hadn’t done this, I would probably be a frazzled, burnt out 40-something still working in the film industry!

My Herbal Medicine Mission


My mission is to make herbal medicine part of the normal conversation when we talk about health. So many people still think it is woo woo when actually the traditions have their basis in science and herbalists like myself have training in the medical sciences. I was trained by doctors and consultants as well as osteopaths and practicing herbalists.

Being my own boss has been freeing in many ways and I get a massive buzz out of helping people to feel better and to understand why their bodies are doing what they are doing, and most importantly what they need to get better.

I work with many stressed-out women – I can help because I was that woman! And I had to find a way out because I knew I couldn’t keep going at the same pace. I also think that being brought up in Singapore and going to an international school really helped because I watched all those different cultures treat illness using traditional methods and I felt like we had thrown something away back in Britain because at that time few people considered natural medicine. 

My Values

Ethics and honesty are the most important values to me I think. And in a very practical way –  I need to do what’s best for my patients. That is a delicate line to tread when you are working in private medicine. I want to help everyone, but they need to want it too. I don’t ever want a patient to perceive that they have been pushed into treatment – so I am very hands-off in that way. And often I’m the person referring people back to their family doctor’s because my way is not appropriate for them at that time. 

Building Our Team

My husband and I run a complementary health centre together and it can be difficult to find the right people to join us there. We’re really pleased that we have built up the right team along the way and we’re very proud of how we work together but we have had people on our journey who haven’t fitted in with our vision and ethos and that can be disheartening. 

Working with Twinings Tea

One day I had a call from Twinings tea who asked me to come and chat with them about herbal infusions. 4 years later I have been heavily involved in the development of their Superblends range and I work for them 40 days a year across all their markets. I’ve learned so much and I’ll never get over the excitement of seeing my products on the supermarket shelves

What Life Looks Like Now

My son is about to start school and I’m able to juggle my hours to be there for him coming home. What a gift! I’m not always sure how I’ll manage all the work in the time I’ve got, but how great to be able to just change your working hours like that!

I love working with my husband and I’m grateful for that – not every couple can. We make a great team.

I spend my time between seeing patients in the clinic, working for corporate clients like Twinings and Deep Heat, and I’ve been commissioned to write a book on aromatic medicine. It’s very busy, but it’s busy with things I love.

Coping With Stress & Overwhelm

If I ever struggle with stress and overwhelm, I am lucky that I have a whole herbal dispensary to hand and I can dispense whatever remedies I need!

I always have a herbal tonic on the go and I have a lot of different supplements that I take when I know I need them.

I have a great support network and once a month I have ‘date night’ with my BFF.  

What I Think Makes a ‘Calmpreneur’

You need to realise things aren’t personal. I am getting there with that!

A big deep breath, time out to decide on a plan, then having a clear plan and taking decisive action. That’s what I strive for – I’m definitely getting better at it.  

I am a big fan of 90 day planning and creating a plan for the week and sticking to it. I am known for my to do lists and relish ticking things off as I go – it calms me as I see the list reduce and gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

I’d definitely advise that if you are really feeling stressed, go and see your local medical herbalist for help with adrenal exhaustion and all the other symptoms like anxiety, poor sleep and poor digestion etc. I really don’t know where I would be without herbs to help me through the physical aspects.

Anxiety Tips for Other Entrepreneurs

  • Ditch the caffeine and find an alternative
  • EAT every 3 hours or else your body will release more adrenaline and make it even worse. A handful of nuts and seeds will do.
  • Try and incorporate useful herbs into your day instead of other drinks. So chamomile to calm, peppermint for digestion, sleepy teas at bedtime – you can’t pour from an empty cup so you need to give your body the support it needs first of all.  

Connect with Pamela


Pamela helps people take charge of their own health and well-being naturally at 1:1 clinic sessions & through her writing, teaching & product consultancy services.


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