What Exactly IS Life Purpose Coaching?

There’s no doubt you know what coaching is and you may have even hired a coach (good call), but with more and more specialities and offerings out there in the online arena, today we’re exploring what life purpose coaching is and how it can help you delve deep to find your true purpose.

A life purpose coach mentors people who might be at a turning point in their life, feeling unfulfilled, not sure which path to choose, or are feeling ‘stuck’ in the same patterns of behaviour. 

Life purpose coaching helps you to discover your purpose, supporting you in living a happier and more fulfilling life.

Here are some of the key things life purpose coaching will help you to do:

  1. Find a deeper level of happiness and fulfilment
  2. Uncover your deep-seated desires and purpose
  3. Identify specific dreams and life goals
  4. Create a plan and commit to consistent effort in achieving that plan, whilst making adjustments and overcoming any obstacles as necessary
  5. Consider your mindset and the impact that negative thoughts has on your mental/physical health and life in general
  6. Implement success habits and the law of attraction for optimal goal achievement

It’s important to say that a life purpose coach, or indeed any coach, is not a therapist. Coaching is much more forward-focused than counselling or therapy and encourages results-based positive actions, rather than looking back at past events and outcomes. Life Purpose coaching encourages you to find ways to free yourself from old mindsets and patterns, so you can move forward and find a deeper level of fulfilment in your life.

During a life purpose coaching session, you might focus on:

  1. Plans, goals and strategies
  2. Achievements, no matter how big or small
  3. Creating a positive mindset and ‘can do’ attitude
  4. Helping the client find creativity, passion and soul purpose within themselves

Getting to self-actualisation & finding purpose

The father of humanistic psychology is Abraham Maslow, best known for his work on creating  the ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs’. Maslow believed that human beings are motivated to achieve specific needs according to the hierarchy of needs, such as a need for a safe home, the need for food, the need for friendship etc. Once our primary needs are met, we are motivated to achieve more on the higher levels of the hierarchy, before eventually being motivated to achieve self-actualisation (although not everybody will reach this level).

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs defines human needs and motivation and forms a pyramid shape. Our basic needs are at the bottom of the ‘pyramid’ and as people move up the pyramid of needs and motivations, they will eventually reach ‘self-actualisation’. Throughout the trials and tribulations of life, it’s likely that a person would move between levels and some people might never achieve self-actualisation. Indeed, we might be ‘fluid’ between tiers – it is not a prescriptive one tier after another, but gives a guideline for our hierarchy of needs.

So basically, when some (or all) of our basic needs aren’t met (food, clean water, sleep etc), we will find it hard to be motivated to move up a tier on the hierarchy until those needs are fulfilled. Once we feel biologically and psychologically sound, and our safety needs are met (tiers 1 & 2) we will be motivated to find more purpose in things like relationships and personal achievements etc.

The desire of self-actualisation is that of the human motivation to achieve his or her full potential through personal growth, peak experiences and deep fulfilment:

to become everything one is capable of becoming

Maslow, 1987, p. 64).

Living a life with passion and purpose

There are 11 questions to ask yourself to help determine if you are living a life with passion and purpose:

  1. Do you have a personal mission statement and if so what is it?
  2. What things are really important to you in life? i.e. goals, values, ethics etc.
  3. What is it you are chasing after? i.e. wealth, recognition, security, freedom
  4. What makes you really smile or belly laugh?
  5. What are your favourite things to do? hobbies, interests etc.
  6. What makes you lose track of time? 
  7. What inspires you or moves you to tears? people, nature, things, experiences etc.
  8. What are you naturally good at or what would you love to teach? what are you complimented on? what do you know you do well?
  9. What would you regret not fully doing, being or having in your life?
  10. What would you still love to do even if it did not pay you anything?
  11. Imagine yourself at the age of 90, what are those things that you look back at with love and pride? Would you have done anything different? If so, what?

These questions require you to think deeply about your current life situation and will help you identify areas to work on to bring more happiness and more fulfilment.

Developing skills to find purpose

We all have skills that we might not even be aware of! Life purpose coaching can help you identify these skills and look at ways they can be developed.

For example, you might have a penchant for writing. It’s something you love to do; you won a young writers award in school, you wrote poetry as a teenager and as an adult you love to write insightful posts on social media and write in your journal every night. This skill can be cultivated and nurtured, and may even turn out to be your life purpose.

Here are some ways a writing skill could be built upon:

  1. By attending a creative writing course online or at a local adult education centre
  2. By committing to writing a short story or book – setting a personal goal to write 100 words a day
  3. By researching pathways to getting published
  4. By reading more books to gain insight and inspiration
  5. By learning more about famous authors and how they started out

We all have something within us, and life purpose coaching can help you recognise what this is and explore it further, working on your personal development on your way to finding what your true purpose is.


Over time, life purpose coaching will help you to discover your true purpose and desires for your life, enabling you to live your best, happiest and most fulfilling life.

To learn more about how Life Purpose Coaching can help you, get in touch with Suzannah Butcher, founder of Calmpreneur and certified Life Purpose Coach.

Are you living a purposeful life? Comment below.


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