How Lady Gaga can Help you Solve Problems & Make Decisions

As a procrastinator, I’m sure you’ll relate to finding it hard to make decisions or solve problems.

It’s common to get feelings of helplessness and overwhelm when you just can’t make an important decision, or work out how you’re going to find a solution to a problem in business or life.

It can mean that you feel ‘stuck’ and end up going round and round in circles wondering what to do. Often we get so caught up in our problems that we can’t see the wood for the trees.

Take ‘you’ out of the equation

A really good tactic to help when you’re finding it hard to make a decision or solve a problem is to take yourself out of the equation. This might seem like an odd suggestion, but it really works.

Remember, our problems and decisions are not us, they are not part of our body or brain, they are just thoughts or things.


So, how can you take yourself out of the equation? Easy! Consider what Lady Gaga would do.

Why Lady Gaga? Well, she’s dedicated, honest, kind, and open about her struggles with her physical and mental health. Basically, the kind of person anyone would want to hang out with.

The person you choose doesn’t have to be Lady Gaga of course. You get to decide who you want to ‘be’ to help you to make that difficult decision or solve that annoying problem. It it could be someone you respect in business, a famous person you admire, a ‘take no shit’ friend, or just someone who you love and trust.

When you take YOU out of the problem/decision, things seem much clearer and it gives you an opportunity to find solutions you might not have even considered before.

How to embrace your inner Lady Gaga…

  • Grab a pen and some paper
  • Find a quiet place for some thinking time
  • Consider your network of friends and family – is there someone who you think might deal with the particular issue well?
  • How about people you look up to in business? People you aspire to be like? Famous people you follow who speak out about things you’re passionate about?
  • Write down your decision or problem and consider scenarios where instead of you having to deal with it, the person you’ve chosen does
  • What would they do?
  • How would they feel?
  • What actions would they take?
  • Write down all your/their ideas
  • You can do this with more than one person – keep going until the answers you’re seeking become clearer.

This is a really simple technique which helps you to get out of your own head and detach yourself from the situation, making it much easier to solve problems and make decisions which have got you into a spin.

Apply this technique whenever you find yourself procrastinating about problems and decisions.

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Who would you choose to help you solve problems and make decisions ? Comment below.


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