The Best Way to Use EFT Tapping for Pain Relief (+ Script)

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Constant or chronic pain can be debilitating and limiting. With more and more people looking for natural and holistic remedies to help them overcome issues, could EFT Tapping for Pain Relief be the answer?

If you are someone who struggles with pain, you know how the constant ache can leave you feeling uncomfortable, frustrated and even depressed. Whether the pain you’re experiencing is as a result of illness or an accident, it is very real and has a massive impact on your quality of life.

Instead of relying on painkillers that may leave you feeling drowsy and unable to focus, why not try Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping to see if brings you relief?

Before you read on, remember that EFT is not a substitute for medical advice and treatment. Seek help from a qualified medical professional if you’re experiencing pain which affects your everyday life.

Business Owners and Pain

People in business who tend to spend a lot of time at a computer often find they experience neck tension, back pain, sciatica, tension headaches or eye strain, all of which can stop them being able to work to their full potential. Not only that, but some people started their business due of the impact that long-term pain has had on their ability to work full-time, or hold down a permanent job. When pain gets in the way of being able to run your business efficiently and effectively, it can feel really frustrating and has an impact on both your work and personal life.

Releasing Stress & Tension

For some people, stiffness and chronic pain affects their overall quality of life. EFT can help you to fully relax, relieving discomfort and pain as you release stress/tension throughout your body and from deep within your muscles. Many people report they feel calmer and that their pain has subsided after tapping.

How EFT Tapping for Pain Relief Works

EFT works by stimulating specific acupressure points on energy meridians in your body as you gently tap on certain spots. The premise is that this technique helps to stimulate the energy flow through your body and can help with releasing blocked energy in areas where you are storing pain, tension or discomfort.

As with many unconventional or alternative treatments, tapping has not been medically proven per se, but there are emerging studies proving the efficacy of EFT and millions of people all over the world swear by it. Since it costs nothing but a little time and energy, it can prove extremely beneficial for those dealing with pain issues. Being able to enjoy potential benefits without using synthetic pain relief medication is definitely a bonus!

Self-Healing With EFT


The great thing about Emotional Freedom Technique is that you can use it on your own for self-healing; anyone who wants to educate themselves on EFT can. Tapping can either be self-administered or you can work with an EFT practitioner – the latter is definitely recommended when working with chronic long-term pain or any kind of trauma/PTSD.

Self-treatment of pain or tension only requires a basic knowledge of EFT. This is a very economical and empowering way to help you work through pain; you take some time to uncover problematic feelings and thoughts with compassionate self-inquiry, before reciting tapping phrases in response to these emotional blockages.

If a self-directed approach is more your style; taking time to watch tap along video can be a great way to tap alongside a professional. Be consistent and try and tap daily if you can; whilst EFT can work quickly, for most people it takes regular effort and patience.

Whether you choose to follow a video or tap on your own, be as specific as you can with your tapping phrases for maximum effect.

EFT Tapping for Pain Relief Script

Before you start tapping, spend 5 minutes or so getting curious about the pain you’re experiencing, remembering it is not your pain, it is the pain. Write down any thoughts or feelings that come up when you think about the pain.

Once you have identified your truth, it’s time to start tapping! Here is a general pain script to help you get started. Add and replace words so it feels appropriate to you.

Before you start tapping, tune in and measure the intensity of your feelings on a scale of 1-10 and take three deep calming breaths. Tap around 7 times on each point s-l-o-w-l-y, remembering to breathe!

The set-up phrase

Even though I have this {body location i.e. head/back/neck} pain, I choose to feel calm and relaxed.

Even though I am struggling with this pain in my {body location}, I accept myself and how I’m feeling.

Even though I’m feeling {emotions} about this pain in my {body location}, I choose to deeply and completely love, honour and accept myself.

Tap through the points – Round 1

EB: All this pain

SE: This awful pain in my {body location}

UE: This pain makes me feel so {emotions i.e. sad/angry/upset/frustrated}

UN: It stops me from doing the things I need to do

CH: It stops me doing the things I want to do in my {location i.e. home/business/work}

CB: And I get so frustrated and angry

UA: Why can’t I just be free of this pain?

TH: I just want to live a pain free life so I can be happy

Round 2

EB: This {describe the pain i.e. chronic/throbbing/stabbing} pain

SE: I feel it most in my {body location}

UE: But this isn’t just about the pain

UN: It’s about how it makes me feel

CH: And I resent the pain so much

CB: It makes me feel {emotions}

UA: And some days I feel so depressed and sad

TH: I just end up doing nothing and comforting myself in some way

N.B. Some people refer to the first couple of rounds of tapping as a venting time, where you can acknowledge and release all of your frustration, anger and annoyance with what you are tapping on. There is no magic vocabulary here. Keep in mind that you are ahead of the game simply by verbally acknowledging your issue. This will help you to release the negative energy stored in your body. Keep tapping in this way for as many rounds as you need to feel fully vented!

When you feel as though you have addressed all of the negatives, move to the possibilities and positives.

Round 3

EB: I choose to acknowledge this pain now

SE: I am open to being curious about this pain

UE: And if I had to describe this pain, how would I describe it? Close your eyes and tap here for as long as you need to think about the pain)

UN: Is it hard or soft, heavy or light, large or small, colourful or dull? Close your eyes and tap here for as long as you need to think about the pain

CH: I can hold this pain more clearly in my mind’s eye now – Close your eyes and tap here for as long as you need to think about the pain

CB: I am open to being with this pain for a while

UA: I am open to letting whatever needs to come up, come up

TH: Accepting myself fully, no matter what comes up

Round 4

EB: I can remember some days when I am in less pain or pain free

SE: Thinking about what those days look like

UE: And knowing it’s possible that some days I can be in less pain, or pain free

UN: There might be some tension in my body

CH: There might be referred pain

CB: And so I choose to relax fully now

UA: Relaxing my shoulders down

TH: Letting my forehead and eye muscles soften

Round 5

EB: Feeling more relaxed and at ease now

SE: Letting go of some of the pain and tension I’m feeling

UE: Feeling grateful that my body is able to heal itself in so many ways

UN: And whilst I might still experience pain, I am grateful I am so in tune with my body and its signals

CH: I am grateful to have taken the time to acknowledge the pain

CB: I feel grateful for all the areas of my body which have no pain; the areas that feel strong, vibrant and healthy

UA: I feel safe enough to relax…and I give myself permission to let go of whatever I want to let go of

TH: I am relaxing into a feeling of peacefulness and calmness

Round 6

EB: The human body is a miraculous thing

SE: And I appreciate all the things that it does for me, no matter how small

UE: Feeling ready to release any negative emotions about this pain

UN: Releasing {emotions i.e. resentment, frustration, anger, fear} tied up with this pain

CH: Breathing deeply and slowly into any remaining pain – Close your eyes and tap here for as long as you need

CB: Giving myself permission to let it go – Close your eyes and tap here for as long as you need

UA: And releasing all this pain from every cell in my body

TH: Feeling peaceful, calm and relaxed as I carry on with my day

Pause for a minute or two to appreciate the tapping and feel gratitude for this time you’ve given to yourself.

At the end of your tapping, tune into your body/mind and rate the intensity of your feelings about the pain on a scale of 1-10. Keep working through until your number is as low as possible and make tapping a daily habit for best results.


I hope this EFT Tapping for pain relief was beneficial and provided some relief from the pain you’ve been experiencing. Many people report tapping has helped them to reduce pain and tension, or that it’s helped them feel more at peace with pain.

Did this EFT Tapping for pain relief help you? Share your story in the comments and let me know.


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