Where are the EFT Tapping points located and why are they at specific points on the head and upper body? TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) believes there is energy running through our entire bodies, like a massive network of lines, or channels, which carries ‘Qi’, or ‘Chi’ (life force) energy.

These lines are called meridians and the whole energy network is referred to as ‘The Meridian system’. The Meridian System is most commonly known for use in acupuncture but it also forms the basis for EFT tapping points. You apply pressure to these points with your fingers ‘tapping’, thus stimulating the meridian points.

There are 12 main meridians and these represent, or flow through, the major organs in the human body.

The 12 Chinese names of the main meridians

  1. Lung meridian
  2. Stomach meridian
  3. Heart meridian
  4. Small intestine meridian
  5. Bladder meridian
  6. Kidney meridian
  7. Pericardium meridian (thin sac that surrounds the heart)
  8. Triple burner/warmer/heater meridian (runs from the ring finger up to the ears)
  9. Gall bladder meridian
  10. Spleen meridian
  11. Liver meridian
  12. Large intestine meridian

In addition to the main meridians, there are a further 8 minor meridians. These 8 meridians are not tied to the organ system but instead assist the main meridians with Chi flow and connectivity.

Meridian energy flow

When meridian energy flow is interrupted or blocked by physical, mental or emotional pain, the Chi harmony is disturbed. Meridian flow can be affected by a wide range of things, from stress and anxiety, through to dietary issues and health problems. As an example, a physical illness, such as fatty liver, may cause issues along the liver meridian. This could manifest as further physical symptoms (blurred vision, headaches) and/or emotional symptoms (depression, anger).

Alternative therapies such as Emotional Freedom Technique can help to treat this imbalance; restoring harmony and balance.

Meridians & EFT Tapping points

Meridians are fundamental to EFT as most of the EFT tapping points are entry or exits points on the meridian system. Best known for use in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), such as acupuncture, meridian balance is core to health.

When Dr Roger Callahan discovered that tapping under the eye meridian point (associated with the stomach meridian) helped one his patients “Mary” release a severe phobia almost instantaneously, he realised how powerful stimulating the meridians could be in releasing other psychological issues. Dr Callahan spent years researching which points to tap on, developing algorithms for his technique named Thought Field Therapy (TFT). Gary Craig discovered that tapping on all the points in sequence was just as effective, and went on to create Emotional Freedom Technique.

EFT points are great ‘catch all’ points on the meridian system. By tapping on the specific EFT points using firm but gentle finger ‘taps’, the meridians are stimulated and the blocked energy releases and starts flowing again.

EFT tapping point locations

  • Karate Chop point – small intestine meridian
  • Eyebrow point – bladder and stomach meridian
  • Side of eye point – triple warmer meridian, gall bladder meridian, small intestine meridian
  • Under the eye point – stomach meridian
  • Under nose point – governing meridian, large intestine meridian
  • Chin point – central or conception meridian, stomach meridian
  • Collarbone point – kidney meridian
  • Under arm point – spleen meridian
  • Top of head – governing meridian

Video showing exactly where tapping points are located

Tapping points infographic for Pinterest and social media

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EFT Tapping Points & The Meridian System (+Video)

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