17 Positive Affirmations To Help Reduce Anxiety

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Have you ever felt powerless and anxious when faced with difficult life situations?

Become powerful again and allow affirmations to give you inner strength, confidence and clarity.

By repeating affirmations on a regular basis, you can reclaim your power and stave off anxiety.

How to use affirmations

  • Print off this post or jot down some affirmations relevant to your own personal situation
  • Remember, affirmations are about the desired feeling having already happened “I AM in control” – always use the present tense
  • It’s important to use the same language you would usually use; remove words you don’t normally say and add in words you say naturally in conversation
  • Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed
  • Make the quite space ‘safe’. Burn essential oils, light some candles, dim the lights; create a zen den for yourself to practice
  • Standing or sitting, and starting with your eyes open, read the affirmations out loud (whisper to start with if you’re feeling a bit awkward)
  • Speak with conviction and meaning
  • Imagine each affirmation as if it were true – really mean it!
  • Ensure your body language/stance matches your words
  • When you can remember your affirmations, you can lose the notes and repeat from memory
  • Keep repeating your affirmations until you feel calmer and your anxiety has subsided

You might feel a little awkward or silly at first, so keep practicing until you feel more comfortable and confident.

17 positive acceptance affirmations to reduce anxiety

  1. I stave off anxiety by accepting situations as they are
  2. There is a sense of peace that comes from knowing what I am unable to control
  3. I can see things as they are and accept them
  4. Being accepting means looking at a situation as it is and avoiding the urge to change it with my biases
  5. I know that some issues are beyond my ability to solve
  6. I avoid the urge to let stress take hold
  7. I am not my circumstances
  8. Maintaining my positive character is important to me
  9. I know how to remain calm and confident in the face of adversity
  10. When I commit to finding a solution, I feel instantly at ease
  11. It is pointless walking around frustrating myself because of a situation as it is today
  12. My attention is always on how to alter the situation for a more favorable tomorrow
  13. I refuse to be bogged down by today’s challenges
  14. Today, my focus is on making tomorrow a brighter day than the days before
  15. My peace of mind is maintained because I move on from how things are today and concentrate on making them ideal for the future
  16. I don’t count my hardships, I count my blessings
  17. I go easy on myself

Use these affirmations each day until you’re feeling stronger. They will help you to build resilience and cope with life’s difficulties. And remember; “This too shall pass”.

For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Click To Tweet

How do you find acceptance when faced with challenges you have no control over? We would love to hear your stories! Comment below.


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