When you hear the word routine, how does it make you feel? Few people jump for joy at the idea of routine alone, however the benefits it can bring to your life far outweigh any negative thoughts about the word.

We all aware that children need a routine to provide structure in their lives. When we were babies and children, our lives ran on routine. Everything from what time we got up, and what time the bedtime routine started. Homework was done at a set time of the day, before or after dinner. It works for children and it works well for the parents to know what is happening when.

Routine in adults has similar benefits to routine for children, however not all adults have so much structure in their day. Routine helps you to cope with change, create healthy habits and reduces stress levels. When your life is organised and follows a routine, you know what to expect. I know from personal experience, if there isn’t any structure, I feel stressed, anxious and just overwhelmed. The way round this is for you to intentionally design a day that helps you be happy and productive. Living a life that you love.

Life is what you make it, and no one said routine has to be boring.

So here are 9 key reasons why routine is crucial for a calm mind and life and may even make it more enjoyable.

1: It Creates Structure in Our Lives

A daily routine provides structure and a logical sequence in your life. It provides the framework within which you live your life and conduct your daily activities. As you become familiar and comfortable with what you have to do each day, it allows you to experience a flow to your day. As you already know what you are doing each day, you can move from task to another with ease and simplicity.

2: Helps you Prioritise and Get the Most Important Tasks Done

By defining what your most important tasks are when you design your routine, you know that you are being efficient with your time by completing those first (or at the most productive time of the day for you). This means there is no room for forgetfulness or neglect because as long as you follow your routine, you know you’ll complete what’s important.     

3: Routine Helps you Focus on What you Can Control

In uncertain times, it is easy for our mind to get caught up thinking about we can’t control and worrying about issues outside of our control. Concentrating on what you can control, will stop the overwhelm that often comes with stress and help you feel more calm and in control.

4: It Saves Time-Something we never get back.

I know on the days I’m not following a routine; I can wonder where the time goes. It is very easy to watch tv for a bit longer or realise you are still hugging a coffee cup even though the coffee is long gone. By having a routine with a schedule, you are able to be more efficient with your time, which leads to you being more productive.

5: Develops Good Habits

Having a routine that we follow keeps us on track, developing and following good habits. One thing that I’ve added to my morning routine recently is to have a Green Smoothie every day. By knowing this is what I do, it takes away the need to make a decision, which may lead to me making a less healthy choice.

6: Reduces the Need for Willpower

Following on from my last point, less willpower is required when you are following something as routine. This can come in useful when you are making healthy changes in your life, such as when to go to the gym or what to eat. If part of your routine is that you go to a gym class on a Tuesday evening, this becomes the norm and reduces the chances of you not going.

7: Builds Self-Confidence

When we achieve what we set out to do, it helps build self-confidence gives a feeling of satisfaction and achievement. That dopamine hit, motivates us to repeat the behaviour as well, so continue with the routine and continue to receive the positive feelings.

8: Helps to Reduce Stress and Helps Relaxation

There will always be things in your life that are out of your control and this could lead to feelings of stress and overwhelm. Instead, you should focus on what you can control. When you design and live by a routine, it means you don’t need to worry about what needs to be done, as it is already considered. You can be safe in the knowledge that all is fine and focus on the here and now.

9: Keeping Track and Living with Intention

Having a routine isn’t about filling every minute of every day, but it can help you become aware of how you are spending your day. You don’t need to be a robot about it and have the same routine each day if that doesn’t suit your lifestyle. It is fine if you only want to follow your routine Monday to Friday or if Tuesday and Thursday’s routine is different to the rest of the week. It is absolutely okay to have time outside of being productive and do nothing. You have permission to rest.  

Routines are a choice or intention to live your life in a certain way, through healthy repetition. They keep you focused in control of the world around you. Whatever routine or routines you follow, need to work for your goals and lifestyle.

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