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#10: Creating Your Calm Money Mindset For Ultimate Abundance

Calm Money Mindset with Rosemary Cunningham

Getting your money mindset in ‘flow’ can take a lot of work. You may well have been programmed with all kinds of money messages (usually unhelpful) since childhood and these beliefs and blocks can really hold you back in business.

Get ready to blast those blocks with money maestro Rosemary Cunningham, a heart-centered Money Marketing & Soul Coach.

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Here’s what we talk about…

  • Rosemary’s own money story
  • Lessons and wisdom from the wonderful Dee Wallace
  • Abundance vs scarcity/lack mindset
  • The infinite power and flow of money
  • Most common money issues
  • Tips to help you take control of your finances

Key takeaway

Use cash for everything!

Words of wisdom

The thing that you most here to learn, is the thing you end up teaching and sharing as you go along

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