#12: How Sobriety Can Boost Your Business

Gayle Macdonald Sober Bliss

Can sobriety really help your business in a positive way? Sobriety Coach Gayle Macdonald shares her alcohol addiction story, along with helpful tips for the sober-curious.

A wake up call gave Gayle the nudge she needed to stop, and she now supports other women who are sober-curious or who want to stop drinking.

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Here’s what we talk about in this interview:

  • The escalation of Gayle’s drinking habit
  • Using alcohol to relieve boredom, isolation and loneliness
  • Forgotten memories and blackouts
  • The pivotal moment and wake-up call
  • Making a pact to stop
  • Helping others to quit
  • Business owners and drinking
  • Clarity through sobriety
  • Advice for sober-curious entrepreneurs – listening to that niggling feeling
  • Self-care

Key takeaway

If you’re thinking about giving up drinking, take it one day at a time.

Words of wisdom

I started feeling better, and better, and better, and I just couldn’t believe the transformation…it felt like I’d been let in to the best secret in the world.

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