#13: Somatic Experiencing for Trauma Healing

Everybody will experience some kind of trauma during their life, but what happens when deep-held traumas from childhood affect all aspects of our adult life?  

Bio-dynamic Breath Trauma & Stress Release practitioner Mark Sutton shares his own story of childhood trauma and the events which led him to train in BBTRS (Bio-dynamic Breath & Trauma Release System).  


Please exercise caution when watching or listening to this interview, especially if you have unresolved trauma. Suicide is mentioned in this interview.

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Here’s what we talk about in this interview:

  • Mark’s early trauma and healing journey
  • Big and small ‘T’ traumas
  • Holding trauma in the body
  • Generational trauma
  • BBTRS modality explained
  • Somatic experiencing & healing
  • How unresolved trauma might present in adults
  • The vagus nerve (polyvagal theory) 
  • A simple exercise to stimulate the vagus nerve
  • Mark’s support system/self-care  

Key takeaway

If you have unresolved trauma, there is hope for healing. Keep trying.

Words of wisdom

On healing:

Your neuroception changes; the way you view the world through your nervous system…you don’t see things as threatening… so that has a benefit there…that you don’t end up seeing everything as a threat. You don’t second guess what somebody’s doing.

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