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#14: How MemberVault Makes Life Calmer For Online Entrepreneurs

Mike Kelly Membervault

What is MemberVault and how can it help you build your list, convert more clients and create courses, optins and memberships?

The Co-Founder of MemberVault Mike Kelly joins me to talk about how entrepreneurs can make their life easier and calmer – yes purlease!

Totes embarrassing – I tried so hard not to go all #fangirl but had a little trip over my words moment right at the beginning ?

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Here’s what we talk about in this interview:

  • How MemberVault started
  • The thinking behind making their platform free for all accounts with less than 50 registered members
  • Why people should be able to ‘self-control’ their user experience
  • The ickiness of sales funnels and how MemberVault support a more empowering user experience
  • Mike and Erin’s (Mike’s wife and co-founder of MV) core values
  • How Mike and Erin balance parenting, marriage and business
  • How Mike looks after himself when things get stressful

Key Takeaway

Always think about the experience of your customer and keep things simple and accessible.

Words of Wisdom

Referring to creating and selling online courses:

We saw this as a big gap…I’m like “wow, OK so you build an audience…you have an audience, and you have digital services or products, how do you connect the two?” And that was the big question mark. At the time, and it’s still happening now, it’s about get people to sign up for something and spam them with funnel pages until they either go through it or unsubscribe – spam til they bail. That’s what many experts were telling people to do and we just always hated that. We felt “that’s gross, there’s a better way to do this”.

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