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#15: How Business Owners Can Manage Mental Illness

Mental Illness with Joe Roe

A topic really close to my heart; mental health awareness and how business owners can manage mental illness whilst running a business. It IS possible!

This is a really interesting conversation with Joe Roe, a Mental Wellness Coach, about how she manages her own mental health after 2 significant bipolar episodes. Joe is such an inspiration and has gone on to support others through her empowering coaching and support services.


We discuss mental illness in depth in this interview, specifically bipolar and psychosis. Please take care of your own health and well-being and exercise caution when listening or watching

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Here’s what we talk about in this interview:

  • How Joe started her journey to becoming a Mental Wellness Coach
  • Joe’s own story of mental illness and what led to her bipolar episodes
  • What psychosis looked like for Joe
  • Why business owners hide mental health issues
  • The stigma and shame of mental illness
  • Self-care and what that looks like for Joe
  • Tips for people who have early warning signs of stress or anxiety (especially due to coronavirus)
  • The importance of human connection

Key Takeaway

Have a ‘Vibe Tribe’ around to support you – trusted family and friends who can look out for you

Words of Wisdom

“Law of attraction…gratitude attitude…these are the things I do daily because they’re fundamental and are positive habits I’ve created…they’re part of who I am”

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