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#17: How to Enhance Your Relaxation Practice & Reduce Stress

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Stress can have a massive impact on physical and mental health if it isn’t addressed sooner rather than later.

Therapist Caroline Bauch offers holistic approaches to overcome stress and in this interview we talk about VITAMETIK neuro-muscular relaxation, the impact that stress can have and how you can start a regular mindfulness practice.

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Here’s what we talk about

  • How Caroline overcame chronic tension headaches as a teenager
  • The impact of stress
  • What VITAMETIK therapy is and what it involves
  • What mindfulness is and how you can incorporate it easily into your day

Key Takeaway

Make a commitment to be mindful each day.

Words of Wisdom

“You step back, you take a moment, you breathe, you relax. That’s mindfulness for me.”


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