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#18: The Importance of Good Nutrition for Busy Entrepreneurs

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Working long hours, not having proper breaks and never really ‘switching off” from business can take its toll on your health as a busy entrepreneur, not to mention trying to fit in time for exercise, eating nutritious meals and making time for yourself.

But it is possible to make some simple lifestyle changes to improve your health and well-being. I talk to Lisa Appadurai who is one half of The Wellbeing Musketeers (best business name ever!). Along with her business partner Tracey, she offers confidential support to help people make sensible and healthier lifestyle choices that will last a lifetime.

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Here’s what we talk about in this interview:

  • How Lisa and Tracey met and the journey to starting The Wellbeing Musketeers
  • Lisa’s own health story of developing an eating disorder in her late teens
  • Why people in business sometimes struggle to make time for exercise and healthy eating
  • Using unhealthy habits to cope with stress and anxiety
  • How to set health goals
  • 5 quick and easy food tips to get you started on a healthier journey

Key Takeaway

A small change in one area of your life can make a big difference to your whole life.

Words of Wisdom

“Health goals can be really useful because when we take control of various aspects of our health it can improve our confidence and focus…and that has a knock-on effect on things like time management, productivity…if we can get health goals on track, people often develop better sleeping habits as well”.


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