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#19: Attracting Clients with Calmness & Ease Through Personal Branding

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A key part of personal branding means showing up online…and that can induce feelings of fear and anxiety. Putting yourself out there is probably one of the biggest bugbears for business owners, with many preferring to hide behind their branding.

But what if it was possible for you to be visible and authentic online? Would the possibility of growing your business and attracting more of the dream clients you love working with be enough to tempt you?

Personal Branding design whizz Liz Ellery provides a bespoke offering of branding, photography and website design to help female entrepreneurs build their dream brand…and attract their dream clients. In this interview we talk about the feeling of dread you might have about putting yourself in the limelight, how you can be more confident to be ‘you’ online and what personal branding can do for your business.

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Here’s what we talk about in this interview:

  • Liz’s business story and her holistic approach to personal branding
  • Spanx!
  • What personal branding actually means – getting your personality into your brand
  • The big fear of being visible and the negative impact that can have
  • Being vulnerable and real online
  • How branding can help entrepreneurs attract clients more easily
  • The importance of getting ‘you’ across online
  • Connection with others
  • How Liz makes the process as calm and easy as possible

Key Takeaway

Be brave enough to show yourself online – the world needs to see you and your gifts.

Words of Wisdom

{Being visible} “Yes it’s uncomfortable but what are you doing if you’re not doing it?…do you want to feel safer that you’re not letting your soul and your passion out because someone might say something…one of your friends might say something? It’s a case of damned if you do and damned if you don’t. If you do, then yes they might say something but 3 more people might start following you and resonate with what you say “


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