#7: The Art Of Breathing For Anxiety, Sobriety & Health

Breathing with Esther Nagle

Surely we can all breathe correctly?! You’d be surprised. In this busy world, our breathing has become shallower, but by taking some time to focus on your breath, you can experience some amazing benefits.

Esther Nagle, founder of Space to Breathe Academy and Workplace Wellbeing Consultant, shares her knowledge about breath work gained from her experience as a yoga teacher and how it helped her to give up a 20 year alcohol addiction, find inner peace and lead her on a path to supporting others.

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Here’s what we talk about:

  • Esther’s role helping employers to support their staff with mental health
  • What ‘breath work’ actually means
  • How breathing can be used to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Addiction and sobriety
  • Three top tips to help anyone going through a personal crisis
  • First aid for mental health

Key takeaway

Take some time to really think about how you are breathing – be curious about your breath

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