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3 Techniques to Enhance Your EFT Tapping Practice

EFT Tapping Practice

So you’ve started tapping – great! But as with any new habit, sometimes you go off track and things can start to feel a bit stale? Maybe it’s time to look at some exciting new techniques to enhance your daily EFT tapping practice?

There are many different techniques to choose from when using Emotional Freedom Technique; some of which you can do on your own. It’s always worth giving them a go to see which method fits best with you. The good thing is you can customise your EFT tapping practice so that it works for you – make it personal and specific for optimum results.

Here are 3 EFT Tapping techniques to try

Tapping with Positive Affirmations

In order to stimulate your mind and body to re-focus faster and work through your deep-seated emotional and physical issues, many people find adding positive affirmations to their EFT tapping practice helps to ground them and focus their energy. It is a way to express your self-love, patience and forgiveness with yourself while you are working through the healing process.

At first it may seem or feel funny to speak to yourself as you are tapping, however, studies show that verbalising our intentions helps to manifest results as we start re-programming our brains to think more positively.

The thought process behind stating the positive affirmations is that you hold the problem in your mind while tapping and verbally acknowledge the issue in the EFT set-up phrase, and follow-up with saying “I deeply love and accept myself”, or “I completely and profoundly love and accept myself.” For example, someone who is trying to overcome a smoking addiction could say something along the lines of “Even though I have this craving for cigarettes, I deeply love and accept myself.”

After the set-up phrase is repeated 3 times, you would then continue tapping using positive affirmations as you tap on each of the points.

Try these positive affirmations for giving up smoking…

  • My lungs feel cleaner and stronger
  • My cravings are lessening
  • I no longer feel the need to smoke
  • I choose to save the money from smoking to buy xyz
  • My heart is stronger
  • I am filled with health and vitality

The Choices Technique

This empowering method to unblock negative energy was made popular by Dr. Patricia Carrington. For many people, especially those with deep self-esteem issues, saying the last part of the phrase “I deeply and completely love, honour and accept myself,” can be really difficult and not feel believable. There are times when the traditional saying does not fit well with the affirmation you are using.

Making a subtle change to the last half of the sentence can make all the difference. With this method, you would change the affirmation to something similar to: “Even though I have this craving for cigarettes, I choose to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.” This method empowers you to choose to make a positive change in your life and bring in a variety of positives while you are acknowledging the negative behaviour pattern you are working through.

‘Flip Flop’ Tapping

Flip flopping is a great way to uncover some of those negative thoughts which might be cropping up as you tap; it’s almost like having an argument with yourself as you tap! This is especially useful for things like anxiety, addictions, or phobias where you have many conflicting feelings.

As an example, if you are tapping to reduce anxiety, you might have an affirmation which is “I let go of this anxiety”. The flip flop ‘reverse’ of this statement might be “I can’t let go of this anxiety”, so you continue tapping on both the desire and the opposite until the intensity subsides.

This might look something like this…

  • I let go of my anxiety
  • I have to hang on to my anxiety
  • I am safe without anxiety
  • Anxiety keeps me safe
  • I can be an anxiety-free person
  • Who will I be without anxiety?

You keep tapping on these statements, gradually replacing the negatives with more positives; remember to introduce the choices method above if your phrases don’t feel true for you.

This might seem strange, after all, why would you be repeating negative statements? It’s important to remember that EFT Tapping allows us to speak the truth of how we’re feeling, without judgment.

And finally, remember to be specific

It’s vital that you’re as specific as possible with your wording when you are developing your affirmations. Use lots of positive adjectives and customise your phrases so your affirmations are said in exactly the way you would say them. It doesn’t actually matter if you believe in your affirmation at first, just say the words while you are tapping. This may feel like you are lying to yourself at first, but be patient. State your affirmations with enthusiasm and remember you are creating new neural pathways in your brain as you tap.

Be patient and kind with yourself. Often you are dealing with issues and emotions that you have been harboring for many years. It can be a very emotional process as you are releasing this negative energy. Understand that you are learning a new life-changing tool with your new EFT Tapping Practice and this takes some time for some people to incorporate into their comfort zone.

If you find yourself feeling stuck, or tapping has brought up things you didn’t expect, it might be appropriate to work 1:1 with a certified tapping practitioner.


Do you track your tapping progress? If not, download my free EFT tapping journal and start seeing the difference that a regular EFT Tapping practice can make in your life.

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