Unboxing The Teen Calm Subscription Box

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Self-care is something I love to teach my children about. We talk all the time about what self-care means; how it can be as simple as giving yourself time to spend time doing things you love, as serious as attending health-care appointments and setting firm boundaries, or as fun as treating yourself in some way.

So when I was asked if myself and my teenage daughter would like to receive a Teen Calm box to review, we were really happy to oblige.

Both my daughter and I have had periods when our mental well-being has been below par, so we know how important it is to place even more importance on self-care and self-compassion during those times.

What is the Teen Calm Box?

Teen Calm Box is a monthly subscription box aimed at teens and was created by mother and daughter team, Cathy and Freya, to help young people to relax, establish a self-care routine, learn how to self-regulate and of course introduce more calmness into their lives – and who doesn’t need more calm?!

You can order the box monthly on a subscription basis, or purchase one-off mystery boxes if you prefer. The contents of the box change each month.

“Teen Calm subscription boxes are aimed at those who need a little helping hand in their day-to-day life. It’s aimed at anxious teens, those with ASD/ADHD, and other forms of neurodivergence. Teen Calm is for anyone who needs their confidence lifting and a little reminder that they’re not alone. Any teen out there who feels left out, anxious, or in need of an extra boost, will benefit from the Teen Calm subscription box.”

What was Inside Our Teen Calm Box?


Here are the contents of the July 2020 box…

  • ‘Happy’ book by Fearne Cotton
  • Calm Mohdoh (mouldable aromatherapy)
  • Sleuth Box game by Ellie Dix
  • Super Skin Superfood Banana Blast Face Mask
  • On Cloud 9 bath bomb
  • Wish Upon a String bracelet
  • ‘Things which calm us’ card
  • Love hearts and heart sweet

We loved all the products, but especially enjoyed the MohDoh; my daughter is already planning to keep it in her school bag for sensory anxiety relief.

We were really impressed with the contents and it’s great that many of the gifts support small, independent business too.

Watch the live unboxing on YouTube

This video was first recorded live on the Calmpreneur Facebook page: https://facebook.com/calmpreneur

“We’ve both struggled with stress and anxiety, so were delighted to receive the Teen Calm box to review. Self-care is so important, especially during challenging times and we all need a little something to look forward to which makes us feel special. The box is a little package of joy to make you smile and feel appreciated.”


“I really liked the box, especially the scented mohdoh which I know I will use a lot to help me calm down.” Seren


Learn More About Teen Calm

If you would like to learn more about Teen Calm boxes, please head to their website to read their story, access resources, or to order a monthly/one-off box: teencalm.com


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