23 Ways to Feel Happier Every Single Day

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Feeling happier is like the holy grail of a good life. We strive to become a happier person; a better human being, and someone who is valued by others.

We try to improve not only our lives, but the lives of the people around us, and it’s great that we live in a day and age where not everything is about us. While you might associate being a better person with doing more for others, the truth is you need to take time for yourself in order to be that giving, happier person. If you are burned out and stressed, you wont be a positive contribution to anyone.

To live a happier life, you need to create your own happiness from within. That starts with finding small ways to focus on being happy every day single day, even if you feel like you don’t have time, or it’s not that important – it is!

Here are 23 ways you can be happier every day:

1: Be dedicated to self-care

Taking time out for yourself is vital, so schedule it and set aside some time every day. You might feel like you’re far too busy, but guess what? You can definitely find 15 minutes every day – no excuses. Self-care might be as simple as having an undisturbed bath, reading a book, studying, going for a walk or meditating. Make a list of all the things that nurture your soul so you can choose what to do each day to make you feel happier. Once you have an established when your self care time is, let everyone in your family know about it so they don’t disturb you. Remember, it’s fifteen minutes a day; everyone will survive without you for a while.


2: Start a journal
Journaling releases negativity and toxicity from your body, soul and mind and can be a really cathartic thing to do. When you are feeling overwhelmed, grab a journal and write down your feelings – even if they are negative. Get it out of your head and down on paper. It’s a great release.

3: Practice daily gratitude
You can include this in your journal as you don’t want to fill it with only negative stuff. Write down at least 3 things you are grateful for everyday and say WHY you are grateful for it, i.e. I’m grateful for having a warm home because it makes me feel cosy and secure.

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4: Be mindful of the company you keep
You will never rid yourself of all the negative people in your life. After all, some of them might be your friends or family members! You can, however, keep them at a distance while enclosing yourself in a protected bubble. You don’t have to let their negativity into your space. Make a choice to slowly distance yourself from them and know that their negativity has nothing to do with you; it’s their stuff; don’t own it for yourself.

5: Choose how to start your day
You can choose to start your day feeling miserable, or you can choose to start your day happy and grateful that you’re here, living and breathing. No matter how you feel when you wake up, make a decision that today is going to be a good day, no matter what #ChooseHappy

6: Choose your filters wisely
If you read negative stories on social media, watch the news (which let’s face it, is all doom and gloom) and get involved in gossip, you will most likely end up with negative thoughts and a low mood. Select uplifting books, music and television to let into your life. Social media can be a depressing brain drain, so have a set period of time to check your accounts before logging off. Choose happy alternatives where possible such as The Happy Newspaper instead of your usual tabloid.

7: Listen to music
Music is magic! Music can change your brain waves, give you a boost and make you feel happy. Make music part of your everyday life; listen to uplifting music on your phone when you’re eating breakfast in the morning, classical background music when you’re working and relaxing nature sounds when you go to bed at night.

8: Start your day with affirmations
Start your day the right way with one positive thought, affirmation or intention. If you read something positive, think something positive or say something positive, your day will be that much better and affirmations are a really powerful way you can introduce positivity from moment you wake up.


9: Laugh things off
Have you ever started your day by tripping over something, losing your car keys or finding that the local cats have littered your rubbish everywhere looking for leftover meaty titbits? Rather than get upset, laugh it off as life stuff and see the funny side. Don’t dwell on the small stuff.

10: Smile more
Smiling releases serotonin. When something goes wrong or someone irritates you, smile about it. You will instantly feel better for being positive and you may help lift their bad mood too. Even if you are in a really bad mood, fake that smile! Psychological studies based around the ‘As if’ theory show that if you force a smile, you will feel happier – try it!

11: Be the person you want to be
If you want to attract more success – be the person that you envision successfully reaching those goals. Be someone who sets goals, takes risks and faces challenges with grace. While hard at first, the more you practice, the closer you will be to becoming that successful person.

12: Organise and declutter your life
Set up a filing system, get a calendar (and keep it updated) and throw out your unnecessary junk. Decluttering can have a massive impact on your happiness levels because living with clutter is a massive drain on your mental well-being. Once the initial work is done, all you have to do is maintain the organised systems.

13: Block your time
Chunk your time into sections and give yourself an allotted time frame for whatever you are doing and stick to it. Have you ever started cleaning out a cupboard in the bedroom and somehow found yourself cleaning the kitchen, only to return to the bedroom and it’s still a mess, or got distracted by sorting out paperwork and ended up going through all your old photographs? You’re not alone. Give yourself a time limit of 30 minutes and then when the time is up, move on to the next chore. Do this at work and at home and you’ll find you get a lot more accomplished each day. We recommend Forest App to help you stay focused and present.

14: Utilise technology
Use your timer on your phone to time your tasks, whether it’s running errands, cleaning or making phone calls. Knowing how long you generally spend on these tasks can help you see where you can make improvements which will reduce the stress in your life. You can also use your smartphone for reminders on your calendar; be it birthdays, appointments or remembering your self-care time. Set up your bills to be automatically paid each month. Research online ahead of time where you’ll get the best deals before going shopping. Don’t be embarrassed or think you are failing at remembering. Instead consider it not having to worry about remembering because it’s done for you.

15: Shut down and unplug
Just as technology can be a godsend to help you live a happier life, it can also be detrimental to your mental health if you spend too long on it. Take time off from technology and unplug from your social devices. If you want to be a happier you, you need connections – real life connections. You need to see faces and hear voices, and so do other people. Take the initiative and plan a real-life coffee date. You’ll make a difference for yourself and for someone else.

16: Pick and choose your time
Only you can schedule your time productively. If you choose to scroll on Facebook, or to stay up late and oversleep in the morning, the results will be an unfocused and unproductive life. Choose and schedule your time carefully and reap the positive benefits. Ask yourself, “is doing [insert activity here] helping me to live a happier life?”

17: Set attainable goals
If you set your sights too high, you are more likely to fail. It’s OK to have one big goal but break it into smaller attainable goals to work towards. Completing these smaller goals will keep you motivated and happier, no matter how long it takes you to reach the final big goal.

18: Find an accountability partner
When you set a new goal, it’s important to let people know about it, so consider finding an accountability partner. This could be a close friend or someone you trust in business. When you know you have to answer to your accountability partner and that others are watching your progress, you will work that much harder so you don’t disappoint anyone, including yourself. You also have that partner cheering you on from the sidelines and you can return the favour; leading to a happy accountability partnership.

19: Learn to say no
Saying no more often can give you great power. You may feel awkward and guilty at first but you have to put your well-being first or before you know it, you’ve over-committed and will end up feeling resentful and stressed. Saying no frees you up to do what is necessary for a happy, productive life.

20: Incorporate healthy routines
You don’t need to join a gym to reap the benefits that regular exercise brings. Introduce daily yoga, walking or fitness DVD’s. Think about why you want to exercise and the benefits it will bring, rather than something you have to do.

21: Pay attention to your diet
You only have one body, so look after it for a healthier, happier life. Avoid foods that drag the body down such as heavy carbs and sugar loaded baddies. When you eat right, you feel great, so buy more fresh fruits and vegetables, pulses, lean meat and fish, and buy less processed foods. Choose organic where possible. Also remember to pay attention to how you’re eating. Take your time, slow down and eat sitting down. Try not to talk while eating and definitely don’t work on your smart phone or tablet whilst you eat. It’s important to breathe right and eat right for proper digestion.

22: Meditate
Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths a few times a day, even if you have to go out to your car or take a bathroom break. A few minutes of deep breathing and relaxation can reset your mindset for the rest of the day. There are some amazing meditation apps, such as Headspace which have short meditations ideal for short breaks away from the busyness of life.

23: Get proper rest
Lack of sleep can make you feel grouchy, unproductive and low, so make it a priority to get a good nights sleep. We love these better sleep tips from Healthline.

We hope these tips help you to live a happier life but everyone has their off days. If this happens, reel in your positive friends to give you a boost. Talk about how you’re feeling and then let it go.

Remember, baby steps all the way. Follow these tips mindfully and introduce them gradually so you don’t start to feel overwhelmed. Living a happier life is all about harmony and calm.

What do you do to live a happier life? Comment below.


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