5 Simple Ways to Spark Your Creativity

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Do you yearn to be more creative, so you can take things to a whole new level?

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by your business, your natural creative abilities and talents remain untapped. It’s important to find a way to get rid of the overwhelm and learn how you can tap into your creativity whenever you need or want to.

When you allow creative thinking to flow, you will find that you can enhance your natural abilities and accomplish more in less time.

Creativity allows you to become who you want to be. If you cannot release your creativity, you may feel as though your professional growth is stunted, or you may not be able to think as clearly as you’d like to. Many of people don’t realize the importance of creativity until they are taught to tap into it through creative thinking.

Simple Ways To Spark Your Creativity

  1. Create A Vision Board
    Begin with a simple exercise like going through magazines and cutting out random images. Without overthinking it, cut out all the words and images that you feel drawn to. Next, glue them all to some paper or board – just let your creative juices flow! Step back and see what your mind has created. What kind of feelings arise? How do you feel looking at your creation? Jot down any ideas or inspiration.
  2. Listen to Something New
    Another way to jump-start your creative thinking is by listening to music. Put on some music that you are unfamiliar with or borrow a CD from a friend. When you listen to something that you have never experienced before, you may find that you are changing your definitions of creativity and are lighting your creative fire at the same time. Listen to the lyrics, find the beats in the music and absorb yourself in the new sounds.
  3. Get Creative By Getting Your Groove On
    Dance! Creative thinking often starts with an active body. Put on a CD, go out to a club with friends or start a new dance class. You can even enjoy dancing in your own living room. Whatever it is, do something to get up and get going! Move to the music…feel the rhythm and let your body move in time. You will be surprised at how creative you’ll feel afterwards. You may feel inspired and ready to tackle new and exciting projects. Or perhaps you’ll find that your workload isn’t as daunting as it first appeared.
  4. Write Your Heart Out
    Another option is to set a timer for 15 minutes and write freely. Write whatever comes to mind without thinking about it or planning. Then step back and see the creativity that flowed from your mind to your hand, and then to your pen and onto the paper. It can be tricky to get started, so if you’re having trouble, just write all the things that are bothering you, or create a mind map, starting with a significant word. This is a simple exercise you can do each morning to really tap into your inner creativity.
  5. Repeat Affirmations
    Yet another awesome way to boost creative thinking is through affirmations. These positive statements can help you remember what it is to be creative and how wondrous it feels when creativity flows through you. You can create a list of affirmations for yourself such as, “I feel an intense flame of passion for things that interest me,” that can help you tap into the creative person that you are, even as you deal with the everyday stresses of life.

Remember, creativity can come from anywhere. Be more mindful of creativity in your daily life; walking the dog, shopping, bathing, or working, and look for inspiration around you. Always carry a notebook so you can write down any creative new ideas.

We’re always looking for new ways to spark creativity. Share your ideas in the comments.


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