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(Tapping for Success!) 20 Ways EFT Can Help Business Owners

EFT Tapping for success

When you think about Emotional Freedom Technique, tapping for success may not be the first thing that springs to mind…but there are many ways that entrepreneurs and business owners can ‘tap’ into this powerful tool to bring more fulfilment, happiness and success.

Anyone can try using EFT Tapping for virtually anything; in fact, The Tapping Solution was formerly named ‘Try it on Everything’. This makes EFT the perfect tool for people in business, because let’s face it, entrepreneurs are just people too and have the same limiting beliefs, life struggles and worries as everyone else! As well as tapping for success, you can tap for money blocks, confidence, goal achievement and much more.

EFT Tapping is the perfect self-help tool for entrepreneurs because it’s easy to learn, works quickly and can be easily slotted in to your usual morning routine/miracle morning. Read on for the many ways it can help you…

20 Ways EFT Can Help Business Owners

  1. To reduce stress and anxiety
  2. As a confidence boost before speaking events/going live
  3. To increase motivation
  4. To gain more focus
  5. To stop procrastinating
  6. As a way to gain clarity on goal setting, purpose etc.
  7. To remove limiting beliefs
  8. To remove money blocks
  9. As a way to work on personal issues which are affecting your business success
  10. To set firm boundaries around work and personal life
  11. To say ‘Yes’ more often
  12. To say ‘No’ more often!
  13. As a way to uncover your purpose and desires for your life
  14. As a self-acceptance tool
  15. To gain freedom from impostor syndrome (comparing/not feeling good enough)
  16. To heal old wounds
  17. To bounce back from failures and mistakes
  18. To get comfortable with success / freedom from the fear of success
  19. As a tool to recover from addictions and reduce cravings
  20. To improve quality of sleep

What will you choose to tap on?

Remember that YOU get to define what success looks like for you. You can design your life in whichever way suits you/your situation and your family best; that’s true success.


Please note, although tapping is a great self-help tool, if you have past trauma, phobias or complex issues, it’s always best to work with a certified EFT practitioner.

Have you tried Emotional Freedom Technique? Feel free to comment and share your tapping for success story.

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