How to Use Positive Tapping Affirmations for Confidence With EFT (+ Script)

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What you say in your tapping affirmations can make a big difference to your success with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Stating your affirmations out loud can help you focus on what your priority is and enable you to achieve your tapping goals faster.

Dawson Church, the founder of EFT Universe, says that affirmations always work, and he’s not wrong. Using positive affirmations when tapping can really help you to uncover your limiting beliefs; when you tap with the affirmation “I am confident”, the thoughts that go through your mind (am I really though?…I don’t feel it…I’m not as confident as other people…etc.) are what you really need to tap on!

Tapping on the Truth of How You’re Feeling – Negative Tapping Affirmations

Many people find it strange that EFT usually begins with stating the ‘negative’, pertaining to the problem or the thing that is bothering you. This is especially true if you’ve been used to manifesting with the Law of Attraction because you are used to only stating positive affirmations. Often we do not want to verbalize anything negative, for fear of attracting more of the same. With tapping however, it is an important part of the equation and the rest of the time you are actually saying positive words and phrases.

It’s important to remember that you are not tapping the affirmation ‘in’ to your psyche, rather you are simply stating the truth of how things are for you in order to eventually tap it ‘out’, thus freeing you from the problem. In that particular moment, you are experiencing some kind of pain, discomfort or issue. You need to state this truth or negative at first to let your body and mind know that you are working to eliminate this issue or energetic blockage.

Preparing to Tap – Important

Before you start tapping, it’s important to do the following:

  • Ensure you are hydrated
  • Get a notebook and pen in case anything comes up, such as ideas, insights or breakthroughs
  • Wash your hands as you will be touching your face (COVID-19)
  • Create a calm space where you won’t be disturbed
  • Measure the intensity of how you’re feeling. The scale goes from 1-10, in this case 10 would be severely lacking in confidence, and 0 would be feeling very confident. Make a mental note of any bodily sensations.
  • Take a few long, deep breaths

Also, by following the tips and phrases in this blog, you agree to take full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.

Your EFT Setup Phrase

Before you start your tapping process, you first need to identify what your setup phrases are going to be. Remember, these need to be as specific as possible to get the best results. Using lack of confidence in business as an example, the setup phrase could look like this:

1. Even though I {lack confidence in my business and it holds me back}, I accept myself and how I’m feeling

2. Even though I {struggle to meet my goals due to lack of confidence}, I deeply and completely love, honour and accept myself

3. Even though I {procrastinate and put off doing things out of my comfort zone because I don’t feel confident}, I choose to deeply and completely love, honour and accept myself

The setup phrase is repeated 3 times whilst tapping on the karate chop point.

Use the choices method to make your setup phrases feel true and believable for you.

Tapping Affirmations – Round 1

As you are working through the tapping points for the first time, you would isolate the truth of how you’re feeling; the ‘pain’ issue which in this case is lack of confidence. As you go through your tapping sequence you could say something like:

Eyebrow point: This lack of confidence

Side of eye: Holding me back

Under eye: I don’t feel confident

Under nose: This lack of confidence

Chin point: Makes me feel stupid

Collarbone point: Why can’t I just be confident

Under arm point: I used to be more confident

Top of head point: This lack of confidence

Some people refer to this part of the tapping as a venting time, where you can acknowledge and release all of your frustration, anger and annoyance with what you are tapping on. There is no magic vocabulary here. Keep in mind that you are doing amazingly well, simply by verbally acknowledging your issue, something we don’t often do. This will help you to release the negative energy stored in your cells.

Once you have identified your truth and stated it out loud while tapping through your meridian points, it is time to implement your positive affirmations. This could take 1-3 rounds. Be aware of any other aspects which come up when tapping on lack of confidence, such as impostor syndrome, feeling not good enough, or any specific memories – write them down so you can tap on them another time.

Tapping Affirmations – Time to Tap in The Positive!

Now it is time to keep going through your sequences automatically but change what you say to yourself to be a positive affirmation. Example below:

Eyebrow point: I am so grateful that I can muster up confidence from within

Side of eye: I release all those feelings of not being confident

Under eye: I realise that I can build my confidence up step by step

Under nose: I am feeling more confident already

Chin point: I have faith in myself and am feeling more confident now

Collarbone point: I can choose to reframe lack of confidence in a positive way

Under arm point: Maybe it is a sign that I am growing

Top of head point: I’m thankful that I am feeling sparks of confidence

Keep tapping for a further 1-3 rounds.

Here are 15 more positive tapping affirmations to try:

  1. I am confident enough to know that I am good enough
  2. I can tap into my inner confidence any time I need a boost
  3. I have got through challenging times before and I can get through them again
  4. I deserve to be happy, grounded and confident
  5. I radiate self-confidence
  6. I feel confident when I express my needs
  7. The more things I do out of my comfort zone, the more confident I feel
  8. My confidence is growing day by day
  9. The spark of confidence in my soul gets bigger and bigger each day
  10. I am strong-hearted and embrace confidence with gumption (best word ever)
  11. Confidence is my birth-right – I was born with unlimited confidence
  12. There are things I can do to feel more confident every day
  13. I have a just the same right to feel confident as anyone else
  14. I am unique; there is no one in the world like me
  15. I feel confident in my mind, body and spirit

Visualize your positive end result as you go through the tapping sequence.

Ending your Tapping

At the end of your tapping, take a few deep breaths, then tune into your body and mind and see what number on a scale from 1-10 you would rate you confidence now. Keep working through it until you get to a low number, ideally 0. Lack of confidence is a complex issue, so it may take some time to work through all the different aspects, but any shift on the scale is really good.

Have another glass of water and remember to record your experiences so you can monitor your progress with Emotional Freedom Technique. Download this handy EFT Tapping planner to track your taps!


Figure out what words and phrases feel best for you and remember, the more you practice, the better results you will have with EFT.

How did you get on with confidence tapping affirmations today? Comment and let me know!


  1. Joanne

    I have been waking up in the middle of the night and eating. I think it is because of anxiety. I am struggling to create an EFT script to address my problem. I would love some advice.

  2. Calmpreneur

    Hi Joanne, thank you for you comment and please accept my sincere apologies for the delay – your comment was marked as spam in error. I hope you managed to create or find a script to help you with this problem? The best place to start is by acknowledging the problem “Even though I eat at night, I accept myself”…etc. then going on to how you feel as you work through the points. Best wishes, Suzannah x


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