EFT Tapping for Cravings: Addictions – Food, Smoking, Alcohol (+Video)

Struggling to control your need to eat, drink, smoke, or participate in another unhealthy habit? Tapping for overwhelming cravings can really help you to feel calmer and let the craving pass.

This is a general tapping for cravings video, so please feel free to swap or insert words which feel more comfortable to you. In this video, I don’t mention a particular ‘thing’, i.e. craving a particular food, drink or cigarette etc., so make sure you visualise or think of the thing you are craving whilst tapping.

IMPORTANT: Practice good hygiene in your tapping environment and always wash your hands thoroughly before and after tapping.

By tapping for cravings along with me, you agree to take full responsibility for your own health and well-being

Remember to:

  • Have a glass of water to hand
  • Take some deep breaths
  • Rate your feelings on a scale of 1-10 10 being like “My craving is so strong I just want to leave this tapping video and go eat/drink/do the thing”…to 0 being like “I have no cravings and am not thinking about the thing at all”
  • Measure the intensity before and AFTER you tap and post your results in the comments
  • Keep tapping daily until you feel a shift. You ideally want to get down to a 1 or 0
  • You may notice changes over the coming days/weeks too.

Tap for Cravings

Repeat after me as you tap along the EFT points for this practice.


View more EFT Tapping videos on the Calmpreneur YouTube channel.

This is a general tapping for cravings video. If you need 1:1 EFT sessions to work on your specific issues, get in touch. You can also join the Calmpreneur Tapping Club for more EFT resources and videos.


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