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Fear of success might seem like a strange phenomenon but it’s very real for the people who experience it. Business owners who fear success, either consciously or subconsciously, might find themselves avoiding taking the actions they need to grow their business, so it’s vital to address the fear before it starts to have a detrimental effect.

Often we have conscious or subconscious fears that come up in business, and the fear of success is surprisingly common. For the most part, it’s not so much a fear of success, but the fear of the consequences of it; more money might equal more responsibility, more responsibility might equal more pressure, and so on.

Having a fear of success can cause you to:

  • Procrastinate
  • Self-sabotage
  • Bury your head in the sand
  • Avoid taking action

Eventually this non-action might cause a loss of self-confidence, further avoidance (the more you avoid…the more you avoid) and a feeling of being not good enough, especially when you start to compare yourself with others who appear to be having great success.

If you can relate to this, tap along with me and see what comes up for you. You may notice shifts/changes over the coming days/weeks. You can record your progress with this free tapping planner.

Watch now

Before you tap, remember to…

  • Practice good hygiene in your tapping environment and always wash your hands thoroughly before and after tapping
  • Have a glass of water to hand
  • Take some deep breaths
  • Rate your feelings on a scale of 1-10 10 being like “My fear of success is stopping me in my tracks and I’m sabotaging my business”…to 0 being like “I have no fear of success and I can’t wait to embrace it”
  • Measure the intensity before and AFTER you tap and post your results in the comments
  • Keep tapping daily until you feel a shift. You ideally want to get down to a 1 or 0

By tapping along with me, you agree to take full responsibility for your own health and well-being.

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Hi there and welcome to this EFT Tapping video for the fear of success, and you might be wondering what the hell is the fear of success? And it’s not so much about the fear of success, it’s about the consequences that come with being successful. So that might be if you’re more successful, you earn more money and maybe having extra responsibility around money is an issue for you. Maybe it’s about if you’re more successful, you’ve got to be more visible and more present and you’ve got to keep that momentum going.

And there might be fears around judgments. So it crops up a lot in business, just like people have a fear of failing in some way, people can also have a fear of success. And quite often this comes from childhood events; the messaging that we were given when we were children. Don’t get your hopes up. People trying to protect your feelings and look after you. They wanted you to realize that you’re not going to win all the time.

And sometimes you might have done something where you try to do something successful or something good, maybe a school play or something, and then something negative happens. So somebody told you, oh, you didn’t do it right or hmmm not so sure about that. And that gave you all these kind of ideas about what success might look like. It’s also about thinking that you maybe aren’t worthy in some way, aren’t enough in some way. So maybe you see other people being really successful or perceived to be really successful in their business.

And you think, oh, I don’t know if that’s for me…like, I don’t know if I can be in that space. And sometimes what happens as well is especially if you’ve struggled with anxiety before in the past and the unpleasant physical sensations that you get when you have anxiety, when you want to do something that moves forward to success, it’s a little bit out of your comfort zone. Then you can find that you start to get the symptoms come up and you immediately tie them to anxiety when actually the physical sensations that we get with anxiety are very similar to the sensations that we get when we’re feeling really excited. But because you’re so familiar with anxiety, then it’s like, oh my God, you know, I’m coming out of my comfort zone. It’s making me feel really anxious. So, you know, when you are doing these things to progress in your business and it feels a bit uncomfortable and maybe you do get those feelings of anxiety, just try and reframe it a little bit and think, actually, this could be excitement. Like, is this really anxiety or is this excitement?

Another factor to do with it is safety. This can be important for a lot of people. The safety issue, so when you are comfortable in your business and when you’re not growing, actually things plod along and it feels quite safe and quite comfortable. And sometimes when you are out of your comfort zone in some way, it can feel unsafe to a certain extent. But it’s really important to know that the more you are avoiding something, so the more that you’re stopping yourself being successful, you’re procrastinating, you’re putting things off, you’re not doing these things to move forwards, you keep telling your brain every time that you do that, that thing is to be avoided and you just keep going down the same pathway, creating the same neural pathway, reinforcing it, making it stronger and stronger and stronger. And that’s why it’s so important to gradually start to come out of your comfort zone, step by step, at your pace so that you can start creating new, more positive pathways. And obviously, Tapping is a really great way to do that.

So before we get started, there’s a couple of things – it’s worth just having some notepaper and a pen handy just in case anything comes up that you want to tap on afterwards. Any memories, any insights, any kind of AHA moments when you realize what this might be tied to.

Health and safety, obviously by tapping along with me, you agree to take full responsibility for your own health and well-being. Please do make sure you’ve got clean hands because of covid before we get started, and make sure that you have a drink of water, certainly after you tap. If you haven’t already got one, that’s fine. But make sure you have a drink of water afterwards. Sometimes you can get a bit dry mouth with Tapping.

OK, so let’s get started. So I just want you to place your hands just on your chest for a moment. And if you want to close your eyes, that’s absolutely fine. We’re just going to tune in a little bit to your body and work out the intensity of the feeling.

So this is when we measure on a scale of one to 10, how intense the feeling of having a fear of success is, so 10 will be, I am really afraid of success. I seem to be putting things off. I seem to be procrastinating a lot. I don’t think that I’m deserving or worthy of success, down to zero – I’m really confident and I don’t feel that there are any barriers at all to me being successful. So just write the intensity, just tune in and think about seeing yourself doing the things you need to do in your business to be successful.

Just rate the intensity of that feeling on a scale of one to ten. Again, you can write it down, put it in the comments if you want to, and you can comment again after we finish tapping and see if that’s come down at at all. OK so just a couple of deep breaths now. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, really slowly and calmly breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.

And one more, just breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth and then just Tapping gently on the karate chop points and repeating after me, If there are any words or phrases you want to switch up or change to make them, you know, the way that you would say them, that’s absolutely fine. You can do that. And then when you’re ready, just repeating after me:

Setup Phrase 1: So even though I have this fear of success holding me back in my business, I accept myself and how I’m feeling.

Setup Phrase 2: Even though I have this unique fear…energy block,  somewhere in my body which is stopping me. That’s OK. It’s not my fault. And I’m going to tap on it today.

Setup Phrase 3: And even with this fear of success, that I’ve got holding me back, I choose to deeply and completely love, honour and accept myself…and anyone else who might be involved.

And then we’re going to move to the Eyebrow Point now, you can tap on one side or both sides, it doesn’t matter, just repeating after me, tapping at a similar pace.

EB: All this fear of success.

SE: Fear of doing well.

UE: Fear of moving forward.

UN: Fear of maybe things changing if I’m successful.

CP: I might change.

CB: People around me might change.

UA: People might change the way that they see me.

TH: Success feels uncomfortable to me right now.

EB: Success might mean more responsibility.

SE: More showing up in my business.

UE: More consistency

UN: I’m not sure I’m ready for that.

CP: This fear of success.

CB: This deep seated, ingrained fear of success.

UA: Success doesn’t feel like it’s for me.

TH: Success feels like it might be only for other people.

EB: Not sure to be able to handle success.

SE: Not sure I’m cut out for success.

UE: So I just keep repeating the same patterns. The same behaviours.

UN: To keep me safe.

CP: All this fear of success.

CB: I’m not sure where this fear of success comes from.

UA: I’m not sure why it keeps showing up for me.

TH: So I’m open to finding out, doing some investigating.

OK, so just stop for a moment, I want you to just continue Tapping, but not saying anything. And close your eyes if you feel comfortable doing so and just listen to my voice as I speak.

I’m going to try and find out where this fear of success comes from.

EB: OK, so closing your eyes now. And just ask yourself, what is this fear of success all about?

SE: What is this fear of success story? Where does it come from?

UE: When did you first experience this fear of success? And it could be success anywhere, could be success in your business, might be success in education, success as a child. Where did you first learn that success is something that you don’t want? That it’s best to stay in your comfort zone.

UN: And just thinking about what happened. Is that fear of success story?

CP: Chin point. What is blocking you from having the success that you deserve? That you deserve. What is blocking you from having that? What is stopping you?

CB: What is that fear? What is that fear about? And just thinking to see what comes up. There’s no judgment. There’s just compassion.

UA: Just identify now where that fear might be in your body if you had to place it somewhere. Where are you feeling most?

TH: So you can just scan down if you want to and just think if this fear of success. is showing up for me in my body, where is it showing up? What does that feel like? What does that look like? Cold or hot? Is it big or small? Heavy or light? You can give it a colour if you want to. Just finding that energetic block that’s showing up, making you frightened or afraid of being successful.

OK, and then once you’ve identified that we’re just going to go back now to normal Tapping, so just opening your eyes again back to the Eyebrow Point just repeating after me. If anything came up, you can just write it down at the end, don’t worry.

EB: So I’ve been doing some investigating

SE: I think I might know where this comes from. This fear of success.

UE: But if I’m not exactly sure…if the answers aren’t clear today. Then they will come.

UN: I trust that they will come up.

CP: Because I really want to get rid of this fear of success

CB: This fear of success, has held me back for far too long.

UA: This fear of success just stopping me from moving forward

TH: It’s holding me back.

EB: But I’m ready to move forward. I am ready to move forward with passion and conviction. I am ready to move forward.

SE: I’m ready to release this fear of success.

UE: And I know that change can be challenging, uncertainty can be difficult.

UN: But I can handle it. I got this.

CP: I can be at home with both success and with failure.

CB: Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, and I want to win more often.

UA: Even though I might have got more used to losing.

TH: I can choose to get used to winning and all that that brings.

EB: Step by step to success.

SE: Slowly but surely moving out of my comfort zone.

UE: Moving into the unknown.

UN: Moving into where I deserve to be.

CP: I’m going to move forward courageously.

CB: Going to stride boldly towards success.

UA: I know that success is for me…Say that again, success is for me

TH: I no longer want to hide from success.

EB: I am ready for success.

SE: And things might change.

UE: But they’ll change for the better.

UN: And there may have been barriers in front of my success before.

CP: But they were barriers that I perceived to be there, or they were barriers that I put there.

CB: And I’m kicking the barriers down, kick them down, see yourself just kicking out those boundaries that you put there, the barriers, kick ’em away

UA: Just seeing that path opening in front of you. I can see the path it’s open now.

TH: I can safely move forward into success.

EB: I can step into my power. The me that I deserve to be, that I earnt. That I am worthy of. That I am enough for.

SE: Side of Eye, I can step into that power.

UE: I’m just going to forgive myself completely for having this fear of success and for everything that that’s given me or not…everything that’s brought me; misery, pain, discomfort. Just forgiving myself for having the fear of success.

UN: And just forgiving anyone else who might be involved with that, all tied up in it in some way. Just forgiving them as well.

CP: I can release this fear of success, I can release this fear of success.

CB: I choose to release this fear of success. Step into my power.

UA: Letting go of all those past behaviours and embracing new behaviours that lead me to success.

TH: Last one now…Releasing this fear of success from every single cell, every single molecule, every bone in your body, in my body, releasing it and just going back to where you found that energetic block, or feeling tingling numbness, going back and just seeing that now disappearing and freeing you to get the success you deserve.

OK, just stopping for a moment now. So deep breath in…And breathing out, breathing in…just breathing out, releasing, just feeling it release, have a little shake if you need to. Just releasing all that energy, negative energy.

OK, and then we’re just going to tune in again back to those feelings, the intensity of those feelings. So remember, at the beginning, you rated on a scale of one to 10, how intense that fear of success actually was. So 10 was really intense. It triggers you, you’re doing all these behaviours, procrastinating, not taking action, avoiding things, down to zero, where there’s no fear whatsoever of moving forward in your business, in your life. So just tuning in, rating that again. And hopefully that has shifted down a little bit. You can let me know in the comments if it’s shifted down a lot, that is amazing, like well done brilliant – yay! Brilliant.

Ideally, you want to get down to zero, but of course, this is a really complex thing. This fear of success could be about so many different things. It could be about a traumatic experience that you had at school. It could be about imposter syndrome, self-doubt tied up in it as well, lack of confidence. So just make a note of the things that came up for you whilst you you tapped.

You can do this one again and again and again, replacing words, phrases as appropriate. But where I’m talking to you, where you’re doing the silent Tapping and I’m talking to you, you know, just thinking then, what is coming up for you? I really want you to kind of tune into your mind and your body and see what’s coming up. That’s the most important bit. So be specific as possible with this Tapping. Fingers crossed, it’ll help you to get on that path to success, which is where you deserve to be.

So thank you so much for joining me. Let me know how you got on in on the comments. I would love to know.

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  1. Dylan

    Thanks!!! Great script, nice energy 🙂 The fear of succes cones down to the fear of being me in this life, the fear of getting tortured, beat up, judged, critized, rejected, abandoned etc when I choose to be authentic and pure. This fear fromout my baby self was triggered 8 years ago when I got a twin daughter with 24 weeks pregnancy together with my partner and the death of one of them after three weeks. The deep ancestral fear is haunting me and inviting me to hold it in my arms eith looots of love and compassion which is not an easy task if so much is being sabortaged (health, relationships, work, finances) but in the end it’s a gift to strp out of the codependency and becoming free of any attachments🗽✨💪💝🙏🎉🍒 Ready for a new reality, becoming the new paradigm human 😇🔮🤡 Thsnks sgsin for your support🙏 Cheers, Dylan


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